MASSIVE NBA Monopoly Game Board Challenges! -

MASSIVE NBA Monopoly Game Board Challenges!

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Do you have what it takes to dominate the NBA Monopoly board? In this massive NBA Monopoly challenge, The boys & I will need to out-strategize & bankrupt each other in order to win!

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  1. I'm not a fan of not knowing who I'm watching. Maybe some intros might help..dunno

  2. I like the new verity of people you have in your video now

  3. Jiedel, if you read this, please bring back the shoe customizations. Make a new series where you redo all the past shoes that you have done.

  4. 5:355:45 Yk that’s some bullshit it’s a finesse so ppl can subscribe. Jiedel trying to be slick I see you 😂

  5. Jiedel, before the basketball challenge, it said $25 to the winner before playing knockout but the winner only gained $20

  6. God bless everyone and have a nice day and Jesus Christ loves you all and I do too and pray bye.

  7. Love the video idea James. Hope you're having a great year. Blessings to you and your family. Much love to you all.

  8. Not trying to hate…love u jiedel but watch the up an downs I saw a few

  9. This is a 🔥 🔥 🔥 challenge video idea to do on with the guys and we need to see more Chris on your channel Jiedel in this video in life right know today for us only okay

  10. bro u should have made the john ponce card a ja morrant card

  11. Love the video. Much love to all of 2hype

  12. That was want of the best videos that i ever seen!!!!

  13. So lsk just retired 2hype he gets hurts now y'all done?

  14. 2hype upload of this but full size board and more members

  15. James out here trying to be his brothers twin now. Hair, teeth, weight. Relax dude. Be your annoying self.

  16. Hey guys from 2hype I am a huge fan and I have been subscribed for 3 years and I love your content

  17. Shadow to James from getting the bulls my favorite team ever

  18. I love James man he’s so positive about everything

  19. w vid but the editor messed up on the 1v1 part

  20. You guys over like the lakers they ain’t even allat

  21. Is John still working with James ? This is the last video I saw John in.

  22. Bro I swear it's been years and Jiedel's jumpshot is still trash

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