MASSIVE NBA Monopoly Game-Board Challenges! -

MASSIVE NBA Monopoly Game-Board Challenges!

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Today, The boys & I built a MASSIVE NBA Monopoly Game Board to take on MASSIVE NBA Monopoly Game Board Challenges!

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  1. Do this again but bigger and more money and more property's! Do a huge 2Hype Monopoly. Winner gets the money in the middle. 🔥🔥

  2. it’s crazy jeff isn’t even the best shooter in the 2hype affiliates (not a shot at jeff just trav is insane)

  3. Dang everyone be doubting the man Neal

  4. Are we going to talk about how Justin got his ankles snatched by jeff😮😮😮😮😮

  5. nobody gonna talk about how jeff dropped justin

  6. James be like: get him out get them out get them out get him out get him out get him out get him out get him out get him out get him out get him out and get him out

  7. Jeff has been a complete demon on the court these past videos😈

  8. Justin could’ve loop holed if he stayed in jail he wouldn’t have to pay for anything

  9. Congrats to Jeff for one mil! 🔥🔥 he deserves it

  10. Can we all agree that Jeff deserves to be in 2Hype officially

  11. damn I really got cooked by monopoly jeff 😭

  12. james you gotta do this idea with 2Hype and the others, add all 30 teams and more cards and spots in general. This was a fire idea

  13. Basketball decides holiday budget was a banger. For some reason I enjoyed this vid much more than any of the other irl board game vids. Creative, players are cool dudes and what a way to win off a backwards free throw

  14. 17:2017:30 Lil white saltine your shit is wack while you was playing ball I was playing with yo mommy’s back. Even that James beats your diss 😂🤣

  15. they didn’t get rebudles on the half court so y on the free throw

  16. Are we gonna ignore how Jeff made Justin touch earth in that 2v2

  17. God bless everyone and have a nice day and Jesus Christ loves you all and I do too and pray bye.

  18. Bro Jeff has got so good he only missed like 10 shots 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. i know james is a pretty athletic dude but why does he look so fruity dribbling a ball😂

  20. Now that was fun!!!! More of this please but now add Jesser, Kris and Zack

  21. Good video it’s just next time, I think u should get a host to say the challenges instead of a contestant

  22. Lets be honest, your content has been nothing better than mid for quite some time now

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