McDonald's 2012 Monopoly Game Pieces - Some "Lucky" Winners = Free Food! -

McDonald’s 2012 Monopoly Game Pieces – Some “Lucky” Winners = Free Food!

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​​​Watch our product feature video for a McDonald’s 2012 Monopoly Game Pieces.


  1. Stop saying rude things if u don't have anything nice to say DONT say it and for ur information he's not gonna eat all that he's probably gonna share and stop calling him fat hes doing this for the people who watch his video not the haters and I reported some of the rude comments so just leave him alone.

  2. Does the number on the monopoly board have to match the number on the item you bought. I got a 445 Atlantic avenue and says need 445 446 447. So I need two more right ? And I won 10$ for a EA game

  3. U are sooo not nice >: I wanna slap u so bad T.T

  4. 2013 for now its back but i cant find when mcdonalds end it this yr

  5. Cmon Dave dont let them get to you I love the positive way you handle rude comments and we know you were going to share with your kids keep in the video making buissness and you'll always have great subscribers to support you

  6. Thanks thebiohazardreborn 🙂 means a lot.

  7. Thanks for the kind words and support! It is really appreciated and does not go unnoticed 🙂

  8. My Dad won a $10 EA Sports Gift Card from that

  9. If you don't want us to see the codes then why are you holding the cards up to the screen.

  10. lol he said its for him and his coworkers

  11. the stupid 1in 4 chance is fake, he is only lucky

  12. I'm watching mc. Donald and I just ate some lol

  13. Almost won 10,000 dollars with my own scratch codes. only needed 1 more :L

  14. Um… Excuse me what are you doing to the toys after using it!?

  15. the code are problem no good right now their from 2012 this 2014  now

  16. I nearly won 100,000…I just needed 1 more sticker…DAMIT WHY!!!!

  17. Who has Railroad # 526, Target gift card 5,000$ share 2,500$ I'm at Tx

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