McDonalds Monopoly game was rigged??? #Shorts -

McDonalds Monopoly game was rigged??? #Shorts

AJ Correia
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McDonald’s Monopoly was rigged for years! Checkout the documentary! One man had all the winning tickets


  1. So mc donals had the monopoly over monopoly 😉

  2. The crazy prices like a million pounds or a house is definitely rigged, but the rest arent as much.
    My neighbour got a PS4 from the McDonald's Monopoly and my mum's friend's friend won a Mini Cooper from it too. The rest are rigged.

  3. My brother got a frie and he won me a meal so it's wasnt

  4. It’s 2 times a year Ive started when I’m like 4

  5. I got a free order of fries. It's not rigged my man

  6. The best mcdonald's monopoly game was when they partnered with Best Buy and you would get a ticket worth X amount of dollars off a purchase. The mcdonald's I worked at had a couple sleeves of hash brown bags get water damage and had to be thrown away so I peeled every ticket off of them (hundreds of them) and sent a friend in and got a original xbox for free lol.

  7. I don’t care
    I got… ehem a muffen I got my favourite Mc.Donald’s muffin


  9. And I have a McDonald's monopoly it came out 3 to 2 weeks ago and it a little white box that have a smile on it and it's also rigged it trash all u do is go around the borders and u get propertys and the one with the most propertys win ALL U DO IT GO ONE TIME AROUND THE BORDER REEEEEE

  10. Next time somebody of social media let’s collaborate and split the million

  11. Bruh I was pretty happy with my milkshake and hashbrown

  12. I always won because i got like 2 free hash browns outta that every time

  13. My brother won a medium coke it wasn't rigged.

  14. Well explain why I won a fucking PS4 then

  15. Background song name please 😅😅

  16. The truth is, the game was rigged from the start

  17. It wasn’t a scam you Just couldn’t win big things all you get was free food from McDonald’s

  18. Lol first time not seeing this guy open pokemon

  19. Well he didn’t steal the three free apple pies and I got them soooo not entirely

  20. Why is there not a class action suit against McDonalds on this?

  21. Bro, they still do this every year in australia

  22. I didn’t know that AJ tells stories!?

  23. Reminds me of those pepsi/coke commercials that would hype kids up by saying they are giving away free game consoles. All you needed was the winning bottle cap. Has anyone ever heard of a single winner from any of those? A lot of brand companies still do this today. I have never seen a single instance of someone winning any of them.

  24. When you said go to Netflix I picked my remote up so fast

  25. whaaaat noway for real i have to try that


  27. Lol McDonald's really is a monopoly lol

  28. But I will just fail buy McDonald's food

  29. You need 2 1 million dollar tickets to win and I got 1

  30. Why do people still act like it's rigged. It's not.

  31. 6 hours? Is there a 25 minute version? 6 fn hrs. Foh. Who cares. What a shock. There really wasn't a peel off 1 million dollar sticker on fries or soda cups? No freakin' way.

  32. I am in a country that doesn't have any Pokémon card and i want some "(

  33. Sadly I don’t care. I’ll rather inform myself with real knowledge instead of some bs

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