Microsoft Is Quietly Building A Video Game Monopoly -

Microsoft Is Quietly Building A Video Game Monopoly

Wall Street Millennial
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A couple days ago Microsoft announced they will be acquiring video game maker Activision Blizzard in a massive $69 billion deal, making it the largest acquisition of any video game company ever. It appears Microsoft is trying to get more exclusive content for Xbox and PC, which could eventually enable them to become a monopoly. In this video we look at why Microsoft is doing this and whether or not the deal is anti competitive.

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  1. Considering how fucked and creatively bankrupt Activision is. This is good actually

  2. Yea there’s no way they’re gona make COD exclusive but it would be a great cash cow to fund the development of some really good next gen games with the developers they have but don’t sleep on Sony.

  3. Except for the part where playstation is better… Lol

  4. A monopoly of games I don't like, how convenient

  5. I don't understand how things like video games and tv shows can be considered anti-competitive. They are just forms of mass produced art.

  6. They’re trying to do the licensing game. Makes way more money.

  7. It’s bad for gamers it’s good if you own Microsoft.. I hope the government blocks it.. Microsoft is horrible

  8. What Microsoft purchased was a bunch of well known IPs but the thing is in gaming, a well known IP can be destroyed almost over night if the game developers make bad games with those IPs. Also with the advances in gaming tech, many game developers can start new companies and create new IPs which can dominate the market in the future. Microsoft has to make sure that they treat their new IPs like gold or else they will fail.

  9. Microsoft is working with Gamestop to create the future of gaming. Power to the players and creators. Nft marketplace

  10. As a PC gamer, I'm happy this is happening. It is getting extremely expensive to make a AAA game, especially ones with open-world like Fallout, GTA, Elderscroll. Game studio burn through their cash very quickly so they need the big boys to come with with cash injection as exclusivity deals or direct buyout.

    MS has a BAD rep managing game studios. The studios making Fable & Mechwarrior, etc. You can watch their failures in the XBox documentary. But with Phil Spenser at the helm, there's hope.

    I am looking forward to Elder Scroll and Diablo sequels.

  11. Am I the only one who think this deal might be blocked by the government.

  12. How tf did you manage to pronounce Bethesda that way

  13. Microsoft is walking on a very thin line where one wrong move can bring tons of investigations and regulations.

  14. Quietly? they just executed the biggest tech acquisition in history. that's pretty loud.

    & I WIN 🏆 😎

  16. I think it is a bit hyperbolic to suggest this deal means game over for Sony. I think it should be noted that all three of the major video game companies, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, all run on different models of targeting their core demographics. Also while it is very likely that Microsoft will use Bethesda and Activision-Blizzard to create new exclusive IPs, Microsoft has never been a company to make exclusivity at the cost of profits. Take Microsoft Office for instance. By any measure it is the most well known and used suite of office programs, yet when given the opportunity to extend its reach to Apple it took it. There are just some computer users that were never going to jump to Windows and by extending to Apple it increased its market share. Creating content for game pass is important, but I'd think if a game became popular enough Microsoft wouldn't be hesitant to extended it to multi platform. Same goes for its acquired titles. There is no way any of those current franchises are going exclusive. It just doesn't make good business sense. If anything Microsoft has proven that you don't really need exclusive titles in this day and age to sell a console, just good games. Aside from Halo what well known titles are exclusive to the Xbox? Microsoft has lived in the world of PC gaming mostly where nothing is exclusive to the Windows experience beyond what developers program for. All this purchase does is insure future quality content for Game Pass to make it a more dominant brand.

  17. ROFL @ Bethesda pronunciation, I nearly died hearing that

  18. Microsoft Gaming is a platform company, comparable to Disney+. Them owning a few IP to promote a Game Pass is a good idea. AFAIK, there is no plans to block game development on Windows or Consoles.

  19. Bethesda. It’s a city in Maryland. Look it up!

  20. I can't imagine Congress folks will ever even utter "can't let Microsoft own call of duty due to Monopoly concerns" ever. Like, fallout levels of ever

  21. tencent has stepped through the door….

  22. $130b CASH. That’s insane enough without even a brief consider of the valuation of the company’s assets.
    Holy tits.

  23. Lmao. Not well researched but enough for your community. But still entertaining

  24. "You wouldn't be able to play Halo on the PlayStation" Yeah, that's already the case. Please get a writer or editor. Any more of these errors and I'm unsubscribing.

  25. I'm not sure if most policy makers even know that halo exists…

  26. Halo in the top2 most iconic franchises? LOOOOOL, Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, God of War, Insomniac's Spiderman sell way way way way more than Halo

  27. all peasants compared with the PC MASTER RACE

  28. It's pronounced Beth-ehsda and not Bet-e-sda

  29. I say let it happen. There are plenty of game developers out there. Plus, Microsoft is going to do what it does to ANY COMPANY that is not its core business: buy it, ruin it, sell it at a loss later. That's the Microsoft MO.

  30. Microsoft has one huge advantage, that advantage is that it releases games to both Xbox and PCs. Even if they do cut Sony off from COD its going to be hard to argue its a Monopoly, they don't own manufacture or distribute Personal Computers around the world.

  31. If you can’t win the console war, starve the competition of ip’s

    Yes cod isn’t what it used to be but to say it doesn’t pull consistent sales yearly is a lie. I see sony having to create their own exclusive ips and create a game pass as well.

  32. Microsoft has never once been quiet about its anticompetitive and anti-consumer aspirations and efforts.

  33. Microsoft is a multi-trillion dollar company. Sony is a $150B company… Sony can’t acquire a $69B company like Activision.

  34. Considering that Nintendo and Sony both own powerful IP’s, Microsoft having a few good ones of their own doesn’t bother me too much.

  35. Halo is already a Xbox exclusive. Talk about being clueless lmao

  36. You already can't play Halo on the Playstation still Sony beaten Microsoft in the last generation by a huge margin, and have a almost 50% lead in this generation.
    Sony is 50% of the revenue of Activision, Xbox and PC the rest.
    You saying that losing COD is game over for Sony is laughable. Nintendo don't have COD and was number 3 before the acquisition. Microsoft had US$, Sony have US$ in cash and the backing of the Japanese keiretsu system specifically the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Group.

    Microsoft + Activision is still smaller than Sony, don't forget that this is with Activision revenues from Sony.

  37. We will see what we will see.

    Microsoft are picking off all the publishers that I've refused to even purchase games from…. Only EA left.

    What Microsoft does to improve them is yet to be seen.

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