Million-dollar gold Monopoly game -

Million-dollar gold Monopoly game

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Check out the shimmering 18-karat gold Monopoly board game made by Sidney Mobell.


  1. If you make something like this do you get anything out of it for going to the museum??

  2. I would love to flip that board over when I lose a game.

  3. im willing to bet you can buy a house with a house

  4. I know someone who owns one of these monopoly sets

  5. Lol awww he's a cute old man I just wanna give him a hug. I can't believe he sold this to a museum. I mean…. My lord.

  6. you should be able to unlock this board on a xbox 1 game

  7. If this dude lands on New York Avenue and I have a hotel on it, I want that board.

  8. He is a really nice guy. I have talked to him before.

  9. Ho, ho, ho…..beautiful isn't it!!

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