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Minecraft – Monopoly Game

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This is a huge Monopoly game set I created in Minecraft with the worldedit mod and MCedit. It started off as a simple board but was slowly added to till I got what you see here. The board itself is right around 300×300 blocks big and is a very close scale to an actual game board.

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Music: Cherry Blossom – Kevin MacLeod


  1. Hey man, you mind if i use this map for a video i'm making? It'd be greatly appreciated!

  2. @unbornchickenvoices Thanks for the support! 🙂

  3. @minewiththunder Oh really? Why don't you download the world and see for yourself. It was recorded with an external viewer if that's what you actually meant…

  4. After Making a few Modifications to the board (Replacing the black border with glow stone, adding signs to every square, and getting real dice and cards) we play with this board works great 😀

  5. Awesome I liked subscribed and comment to your videos your the best inHazed.

  6. PSSH. I can make that in less than a minute.
    *downloads the schematic*
    *imports to minecraft with worldedit*
    *opens minecraft*
    *plays level*
    Done. 😉

  7. This would be perfect if there was a monopoly plugin or a monopoly mod

  8. Holy fuck at first i thought it was a picture of the actual board. my board is almost like it

  9. that frickin sweet me and a frien are making one but ours is on the scale of
    being able to read to writing of all the specific areas

  10. i think i just jizzed o wait here comes more yep definitly jizz

  11. Why dont you contact someone who knows a lot about command blocks and redstone and make it really works? 😀

  12. That is one huge-ass Minecraft Monopoly board…I made one that's meant to be completely playable, so I had to make mine smaller (just a few blocks across per spot on the board). That means yours has way more block pixels than mine and is far superior in quality (even though it's not playable). That must've taken a lot of time. Good job.

  13. nice build have you ever considered joining a build team

  14. Not hard when you can just insert images into minecraft is it? Bad builder! 🙂

  15. its real i went on the world but you can not play

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