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Minecraft Xbox Hunger Games – Monopoly

Minigod951 Old Foxy Fox
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Enjoy a new round of Hunger Games on the Minecraft Xbox edition. Hunger Games is a lot like Survival Games, just without all the fancy plug-ins. The last man standing Wins!
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  1. Love your videos keep up the good work

  2. So happy you played this monopoly is my favorite board game

  3. Monopoly is one of my favorite board games! =)

  4. AW awful for you @Minigod951 Old Foxy Fox because you have better stuff than him and he just have an iron sword but you did your best and GG to you… Nice try Minigod

  5. Minigod951 old foxy fox Ive invited u to hangouts on my phone so exsept it

  6. I love the song that u play before the show

  7. Well even if a house looks like they've been taken I think you should check just in case they missed a chest that could be a value to you.

  8. Can you do more hunger games plz? I'm really tired of all these hide and seeks.

  9. Minigod doyou think we could play minecraft some time

  10. mini god are you trying to INSULT  your self by saying your old???

  11. How do you get in a downloaded world with just you and friends?

  12. Thanks Minigod I'll try the Madagascar ones

  13. Minigod i love the video but if I where you i would stay hidden thats propbley why I only have 14 subscribers i wanna have more subscribers like you but I try my hardest

  14. Minigod591 Old foxy fox I've seen you miss a lot of chests and I'm pretty sure no ones looked through them

  15. Mini god can i please play hunger games with you or hide and seek. I've watched all your videos and they are all awesome soon i might make a youtube channel and i will subscribe

  16. I could listen to the intro all day such a good one good job

  17. Cool. Gaming. I. Love. Your videos. Keep. It. Up. For. Team. Fox

  18. Minigod951 you are the best youtuber in the world

  19. Nice vid ahah! xD I do minecraft videos too (Hunger Games) if you ever find yourself looking for new YouTubers to watch! 🙂

  20. Mini god you were super awesome in the monopoly hunger games . LOL 🙂

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