Modern Monopoly the Game | Rob Anderson -

Modern Monopoly the Game | Rob Anderson

Rob Anderson
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It’s the modern game of Monopoly where instead of purchasing properties, you acquire companies and eventually own humanity to win! You’ll play as one of the big five Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazing and of course – Waffle House.

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  1. Is this board rubber or paper because on Amazon you can choose paper or rubber so I want to know which one is better?

  2. Late stage capitalism but with more human rights violations.
    What happens in monopoly stays in monopoly

  3. But I wanted to play as Unilever 😢

  4. We need a Part 2, 3 & 4!!! 😂🤣🏳️‍🌈

  5. The Bernie space is about as effective as his actual ideology. Also eww, privileged cynicism

  6. I can imagine a card being like:
    PAY 2,500 TO THE BANK

  7. I despretaly need this to be a real game, SOMEONE MAKE IT

  8. CaseOh would love this game because the Waffle House

  9. A world owned by waffle house would be
    Well, it'd certainly be interesting to say the least

  10. i thought this was an ad for a second, and i was gonna say that everything was too cheap

  11. Now make a version where you play as the middle class and the failing conditions is poverty, and all you're forced to buy something every round but are only given 5 dollars as well

  12. I’m surprised Epstein island isn’t a square

  13. Every time you pass go, you have to PAY 200 dollars in taxes, but you don’t because that’s funny and your rich.

  14. Rule where as soon as you buy tumblr you go bankrupt

  15. Wait was Kylie Cosmetics valuation actually a lie?? Because I can 100% believe that but never followed anything about it

  16. Ya know this is more in line with the original creators vision for monopoly

  17. I know people say like lawsuit is the worst card to get in this game. Sure you have to pay $5 million dollars to the victims but you also get to make and put like 100 million in your pocket

  18. Modern monoply is where all properties start off more expensive than the starting bank balance and raise price by $300 Everytime you pass go

  19. Ironically I actually want to see this as an actual board game

  20. Modern monopoly: start with 500$, the cheapest property is 1500$.

  21. The Waffle House has found its new host.
    Being serious it would be funny iffhey were immune to disastors. As Waffle House is known to run even in bad conditions.

  22. this is monopoly if it were made by a marxist instead of a georgist

  23. Waffle house is owned by Jonny razer, so you can’t play as that piece any more

  24. Last time I checked none of them have an index showing that if they're closed you have to pray that you don't die because of some terrible natural disaster and last time I checked the only one that matches that entire description is Waffle House so

  25. where 2 get this pls reply with answer

  26. Caseoh would definitely want to play this

  27. I love how Monopoly started out as a critique of Guilded Age capitalism made during the Great Depression but now is the face of it. Some billionaires literally think they’re the monopoly man when that’s who’s supposed to be making fun of them

  28. This isn’t even funny to me because this genuinely seems like it would be and should be a monopoly game that I would play😂

  29. This is what they play at corporate retreats, but without any irony or self-awareness. Or humanity.

  30. Modern monopoly: one player starts normally, one player starts with 4 monopolies & $5000, & the rest of the players start with nothing at all.

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