Monopoly 80th Anniversary Edition Game - Hasbro -

Monopoly 80th Anniversary Edition Game – Hasbro

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The 80th Anniversary Edition Game, as described in its milestone is featuring the “retro-style game board and vintage-inspired tokens iconic to each decade of Monopoly game history”. Tokens selected for this edition dated back from the 1930s up to the year 2000s. This is really a collector’s item for those who love the game “Monopoly”. The different iconic tokens bring back memories to the decades that we played the game.
The 80th Edition contains the following:
8 tokens
28 Title Deed cards
16 Chance cards
16 Community Chest cards
1 pack of Monopoly money
32 houses
12 hotels
2 dice
1 speed die and instructions


  1. I got this game for a very best price for 13.5$ in India.

  2. Hi! Can anybody send me a picture of the Trafalgar Square card? I recently lost mine and I plan to make a replacement card for it but I cannot find any copy in google. Please email me at

  3. Does anyone have the original version of these tokens ( excluding the trophy

  4. Mr. Monopoli had a monocle… Why do not you have it?

  5. Theres a duplicate of the instructions 😂😂😂

  6. En Perú no lo venden 😢😢😢

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