Monopoly Big Baller First Look -

Monopoly Big Baller First Look

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The Monopoly Big Baller live game from Evolution is finally here, and is now available on selected South African betting sites.

In this video I take my first look at how to play Monopoly big baller, play a few rounds and give my general thoughts on how the game works and how to win.

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More about Monopoly Big Baller

MONOPOLY Big Baller offers full-on MONOPOLY fun while including live game action combined with stunning augmented reality. This unique bingo-style gameplay raises excitement as MR. MONOPOLY takes charge and pulls a lever, generating numerous multipliers and Free Spaces on your cards.

Once the ball drawing starts, 20 random balls are drawn – if the number of the drawn ball matches a number on any of your cards, a daub is automatically placed on that number.

Match your numbers and complete one or more lines on your card to win multiplied payouts. And keeping entertainment alive is MR. MONOPOLY, who will always be hands-on to accompany you throughout your journey!


The 3D Bonus Game is where you can experience true MONOPOLY magic! To participate in the Bonus Game, get three or four numbers for Bonus bet spot drawn and when the ball drawing will be completed, the Bonus Game will start.

Once inside the virtual MONOPOLY world, MR. MONOPOLY will walk around a 3D MONOPOLY board and collect multiplier prizes for you. The walk is determined by a pair of dice. If players have not qualified for the Bonus Game, they will still be able to watch and enjoy it.

All the familiar MONOPOLY board elements are available – GO, Chance and Community Chest, Jail and Super tax.


  1. Don't play the game, this is not a lucky game, this is a magical game

  2. 😅This game is vicious, win less lose MORE!!!! and i suspect those balls drawn are AI assisted. 🤔 Never trust CGi balls.

  3. It takes time to get into the bonus ey 😢, but it's really fun and I can see you really enjoyed it and I enjoyed it too

  4. Will definitely try this one out thank you 🔥

  5. Tried it earlier today. Chowed my last money. But its a great game

  6. hope to see the feature or what ever that is but good game thanks for showing us

  7. Imagine a first person Crazytime! That's what I Need.

  8. I knew you’d enjoy it because you also enjoy Megaball. The board works exactly like that of the original Monopoly but you have better chances of winning cos it’s 3 and 5 rolls instead of the 2 and 4 rolls of the original Monopoly.

  9. I like this game from just this video, glad I don't have to deal with that monopoly wheel which was a scam

  10. So far do you prefer playing monopoly or mega ball?

  11. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 so 861 is gone in 17 minutes 😂

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