Monopoly Board Game Rules & Instructions | How to Play Monopoly -

Monopoly Board Game Rules & Instructions | How to Play Monopoly

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Learn Monopoly Board Game Complete Rules & Instructions.
Timestamps OR Chapters:
0:00 How to play Monopoly?
0:55 Monopoly game set up
1:23 Who goes first in Monopoly?
1:34 Rules of Monopoly
3:50 How to win a Monopoly game?

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Monopoly Board Game Complete Guide with Rules and Regulations.
Fully Animated Monopoly Board Game Video Rule Tutorial.
The object of the game is to become the wealthiest player in the game through buying, renting, and selling the property.
We will encourage you to watch the complete video until the end to understand complete details about how to play the Monopoly game?
How to Choose a banker?
How to set up the game?
Who goes first?
Who goes to jail?
How to get out of Jail?
And the learn how to win a Monopoly game?
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  1. Hello Friends,
    If you like to jump directly to a specific topic simply TAP on the Timestamps to watch that particular topic.


    What do you need to play Monopoly? 0:08

    Choose a banker 0:23

    Game set up 0:54

    Who goes first? 1:22

    Let’s start the game 1:34

    How to win Monopoly 3:49

  2. Loser You Don't have Any Subscribers Noob 💩💩💩😺🕭🔕🔕jkg ksee

  3. Thank you for the information, I really needed a guy that can explain it in a simple way

  4. Super I like it, but you didn't say how to buy place

  5. How does mortgage work? Obviously, my boomer dad is playing as if the mortgage is rent. I want to prove him wrong.

  6. How do you play this with interest rates??? Sounds fun though

  7. Minor mistake, 3:30 the wheelbarrow is on the "go to jail" space as though it was jail.
    It should be on the other corner, the actual Jail, with the "just visiting" 2:44.

  8. I just bought a monopoly and had no idea how to play but now thanks to u I know exactly how to play thanks alot.

  9. Can someone tell me what's going on..

    I traded properties that are mortgaged to another player (we are the only players left). He (the other player) doesn't have enough money to pay the keep mortgage value. After that, one of his properties got a hotel, the park place to be specific. And then i got my turn, rolled the dice and land on the specified place based on the dice. After that i ended my turn and its my turn again… It didn't stop until i landed to the park place with a hotel so i paid the rent and the game continued…what kind of rule is that??? Btw i played the Monopoly on my phone…

    Edit: the boardwalk which is the color set of park place is mortgaged. Only park place is unmortgaged with hotel.

    Help me…

  10. a lot of rules have been missed. this was a bad explanation.

  11. Cool! What kind of tool/program is necessary to create animation videos like this one?
    Thank you 🙂

  12. thank you for not making the video 30 minutes long. good explanation.

  13. This is 10% of the rules. 90% is how houses, hotels & mortgage work.

  14. My family gets competitive with this game lol.

  15. Woooowww you said the banker is a "he" wowwww so sexist

  16. One of those games, where people think they are being picked on by other collaborating.  Many a family game has not concluded harmoniously, due to bragging rights and not being happy with second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh or going bankrupt or jail.

  17. Thanks for explaining it in a simpler way than other people do

  18. What does "Passing Go" mean?Passing Go over it or landing at Go?


  20. What If you dont want to pay a house, what would happen?

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    Thanks and God bless.


    The Ruvol Inventor

  22. wait what should you do if the banker goes to jail?

  23. Sasuke and naruto and all other anime are my fav says:

    It's ok if you guys aren't following the rules. basically, this game is for fun not making it very difficult and very hard to play.

  24. I have a question, If a card says go to London for example , do I pay to owner of London

  25. I say play by the actual rules
    it's Free P:arking not Collect Jackpot
    I DO like the speed die

  26. The rules since 2008 are different; they are for 2-6 players, the income tax space is correct, but your enlarged view of it is incorrect: unfortunately, the 10% was taken out. The starting money is correct, but the rules for the number of bills were changed (2x 500, 4x 100, 1x 50, 1x 20, 1x 5 & 5x 1). Option 1 & 4 to get out of jail, so there are only 3 ways to get out. Players must pay rent only when another player asks for it; if they don't by the time the next player has rolled the dice, they're SOL. I understand your not getting into auctions & some of the other rules, it would've made the video longer. I prefer the older rules though.

  27. If you get a card that go to the nearest utility or rr, but does not say to collect the $200 do you collect the payday?

  28. Which version or edition is this board?

  29. Whare is c community chest
    card in the brod

  30. What will happen to my properties if Im out of the game because i dont have a money?

  31. "00:79" .Dadyapp.𝖼𝗈m* is more reliable

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