Monopoly but the AI make terrible business decisions -

Monopoly but the AI make terrible business decisions

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Monopoly is probably the most well known board game, so lets make a video on it!
If we reach 10,000 likes I will make another video on Monopoly
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  1. how did you get that manopoly game

  2. Let's just admit, Brandon is Rich Uncle Pennybags.

  3. I just played this, bankrupt my parents and ended up with £7631 in the end

  4. AI THESE DAY DON’T KNOW HOW LIFE WORKS,trust it is not easy☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  5. it took 1 hour 20 minutes and 48 seconds to finish the game
    proof: 17:01

  6. Australia use the British edition and they made one of my town Adelaide

  7. MORE!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! GOOD QUALITY!!!! KEEP UP!!!!!

  8. When I was playing monopoly I got a chance card to go to Mayfair and then I bought it

  9. 3:10 If I was listening to that with my eyes close I would've expected messyourself to blurt out "Goddamn Emilien making me go bankrupt."

  10. flesrouyssem si eht tseb

    only pro can read this

  11. hey everybody Do not Join itaze in Roblox!

  12. Everybody if you Not join Itzae I will give 100,000,000 Robux !!!

  13. I got monopoly fortnite lol my parents dont understand and i just understand

  14. Messyourself should make another video on this

  15. The best propertys you can get is the orange, light blue, brown, and dark blue obviously hope you bloody enjoy I love your videos by the way keep up the good work

  16. You sexy basterd Brandon you are the best/sexiest person

  17. Did you play Fortnite with marshmallow

  18. I want you to make another Monopoly videos

  19. i have never seen a game of monopoly finish this fast and this brilliant wtf

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