Monopoly Cash Decoder Board Game Review! Crooked Cash! | Board Game Night -

Monopoly Cash Decoder Board Game Review! Crooked Cash! | Board Game Night

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We review the Monopoly Cash Decoder board game aka Monopoly Crooked Cash!
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  1. My parents don’t know how to play monopoly

  2. In other monopoly editions you benefit from owning a full set of same colour houses. In this edition I don't see how it benefits the player? Can someone explain this more. Also part of the game is that a player can win a hotel from another player can they put this on one of their property's immediately, or must they wait until they own a full set?

  3. hiya i just looking at the latest target catalogue and this monopoly is in there

  4. Hi, I was hoping you could advise me which monopoly edition is the best since you are experts. I only tried the classic one and I want to introduce the game to my husband who never played it. Would this one be a good alternative?
    Thank you

  5. Cool video! I just watched your unboxing video on the Roblox 2021 Advent Calendar! Are the 2 virtual codes still with you? If so, I would be happy to redeem it as I play Roblox.

  6. Oh… I don't know if you mentioned it, but if a player tries to use a fake Chance card and you are able to detect it, not only does it go back under the Chance pile and the player drawing it is unable to use it, but the player detecting it gets $100 from the bank.

  7. 7:57
    FINALLY, almost 8 minutes in, you managed to find a FAKE bill!

  8. well i missed some things when i was playing.. well i got it for 6 bucks au

  9. The reason why you didn't find the fake very easily is THE BOTTOM HALF OF THE CASH IS FAKE AND DIDNT CHECK IT so nobody knows check the bottom half that's where they all are, aren't many fakes WRONG equal fake and real

  10. So I bought this from bentall centre for £13 which is awesome however bit confused as I got green houses along side red hotels not sure why

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