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Monopoly Cereal (2003)

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General Mills released Monopoly cereal back in 2003 and, for a licensed cereal, it was actually pretty creative and unique. Reminiscent of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Monopoly cereal had sugar dusted pieces with Monopoly tokens printed on them and marbits in the shapes of hotels, houses and deeds. You could finish a whole box quicker than playing a game of Monopoly!


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  1. Nice Matt shout out. He is one of my favorite people in existence.

  2. The only reason Monopoly is so long winded is because everyone has house rules that keeps money in the game. If you play it the way it was intended, its not that long.

  3. lol I was just listening to That Brand Nubian CD the other day. I was having an old school moment.

  4. Candy Crush cereal would sound like a great idea

  5. From now on stick to the current cereals will ya?!

  6. Isn't the concept of Monopoly rather politically incorrect in this day and age? Some would say, I guess! lol

    As kids, my friends and I would keep our money hidden under our side of the board and always steal from the bank when the banker wasn't looking!

    I don't think remember this cereal. I was a nanny that year and those kids were all about Cap'n Crunch!

  7. So does he have a food sealer that he shoves all the cereal in and reseals after?

  8. Kind of ironic that cereal that was advertised off a game that's premise was to sell things and steal people's money…failed in sales xP

  9. Are you going to try the new Halloween captain crunch?

  10. Hey Cereal Time! I was wondering if you knew what the box's are like for the monster cereals this year? I'm not sure if they're out yet either. So I thought maybe you would now.

  11. I love when you eat the old cereal. Cracks me up every time.

  12. Gabe, I thought you weren't going to eat old cereal anymore!

  13. Ha! Curiosity won no? 😉
    I didn't expect you to actually eat the cereal due to your experience with it. But it's nice to see you sacrificing yourself for us! (or beeing as curious as we all, when it comes to food ;))
    And i'm with you. Monopolys peak is over. There are too many weird versions and it was never fun… except for one person… the other just waited until their pain is over and the "shark" finally got all their money ^^

    Though i have to admit like the Gamer Edition a lot. It's a new and interesting approach and… i'm a Gamer… so it's made for me 😉

  14. love hearing about the odd cereals, keep up the good work!

  15. 🦃PrimeStone Animation Studios🦃 says:

    Monopoly cereal in a nutshell is just Cinnamon Toast Crunch with Marshmallows

  16. So jelly of that captain crunch board game.

  17. It was Rich Uncle Pennybags, But it was changed to Mr Monopoly

  18. I feel nostalgic for this but I've never tried it

  19. "Let's open this 14-year-old (14-ounce) box of cereal and see how it holds up."
    3:223:33: One of the BEST "Cereal Time TV" reactions ever.

  20. A pvz and angry birds cereal are for me

  21. I remember when I would eat that cereal for breakfast back in 2003 when I was going from 11 and a half to 12 years old.
    this vid really makes it seem like only yesterday I was a kid eating that cereal.

  22. Gabe, please stop eating OLD cereal! Taint worth it! Avoid the Squishys.

  23. I gotta ask, do these old cereals you've tried eating in your videos really taste as bad as your facial expressions make them look? Also, what was probably the least worst tasting old cereal you've tried?

  24. One of my favorite games. I bought myself a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles edition a few years ago.

  25. Brand Nubian CD in the background. You have good music taste my friend

  26. I really liked this one. I stocked up anticipating a discontinue and i was right

  27. Hi Cereal Tv I Hope That Cereal Comes Back In Stores In The Future

  28. Ahhhh Monopoly, I’ve seen this game end marriages and even witnessed a stabbing.

  29. if u don't open the wrape on the board game,it well worth more.

  30. I think the dog in the game is actually more of a scottish terrier!!!


  32. Playing Monopoly as a kid, I was always the top hat. Whenever I was close to bankruptcy, I would turn the hat upside down… As if to say, "Brother can you spare a dime?"

  33. I wonder what the supposed fun thing to do that the author will never do again is. Guessing sex?

  34. This cereal is 20 years old,do you want some…

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