Monopoly Cheaters Edition Board Game - Rules and Review | Hasbro Toys & Games -

Monopoly Cheaters Edition Board Game – Rules and Review | Hasbro Toys & Games

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Today TTPM is reviewing Monopoly Cheaters Edition Board Game (Release Date, Rules and Review) from Hasbro. Have you ever cheated at Monopoly? Then Monopoly Cheaters Edition is for you! In this version of Monopoly, it’s okay to cheat as long as you don’t get caught! New tokens, new gameboard, and new cards! Keep watching these review videos of kids toys.

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Product Info:
If you’ve ever cheated at Monopoly, well, shame on you! But now there is a new version of Monopoly that’s just for you. The object of Monopoly Cheaters Edition is to buy property, collect rent, and stack up cash all while cheating to get ahead fast. The game ends when all the properties have been purchased and all players return to “Go”. Then the player with the most cash wins.

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  1. Me as a monopoly collectorThis video helped me a lot I didn't need to read the manual and waste my time.Thanks a lot.

  2. My sister always cheats at board games. Even when she plays with her kids. I bought this for her and her family.

  3. Finally, i can commit bank fraud in monopoly!

  4. My sister cheats in monopoly cheaters Edition. Some times Campbell didn't get caught. And some times she does. She gets cuffed and Go to jail. So I cheat and I never got caught. My sister love monopoly, monopoly token madness, and monopoly cheaters edition. We know how to play games. We know how to play monopoly, scrabble and candyland. My name is Takara. My sister's name is Campbell. My Mom's and Dad's names are Mike and Holly. The baby's name are Emma and Kate. The kids's names are Alex and Chelsea. We love ice cream with blueberry syrup. We love board game and cards games. We love making cupcakes expired by Pete the cat and the missing cupcakes. It's a game and a book.

  5. I love cheating in board games

  6. I'm going to cheat even at monopoly cheaters addition

  7. Putting money under free parking and collecting it when you land on it. That's cheating.

  8. How much money in total does this edition of Monopoly have??

  9. Push someones chair while they focused on that steal the bank

  10. Tbh I think it's more fun to just play the standard Monopoly game and create your own cheating rules.

  11. Omg.. and we wonder why our society went to sh*t

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