Monopoly Cheaters Edition Board Game Unboxing -

Monopoly Cheaters Edition Board Game Unboxing

Markis Pea Welby
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Jail is just around the corner, so don’t get caught cheating!


  1. How each card should be used:13:58 When someone tries to cheat by moving to Free Parking, use it before anyone catches them.14:06 Use it against an opponent’s Property that has a high rent and closest to you so you don’t suffer a big payment.14:23 Very effective when you place a property one space before multiple opponents so they are forced to pay.14:32 OOF. Try cheat on this one. 14:39 Know the highest amount of rent of target opponent, then use it.14:42 Can be beneficial if you use it on yourself, especially if you want to stay away from those High-Rent Properties! If you pass Go via that card, you can collect $200 as usual! Wonderful, isn’t it? Then one turn after that, you can pass Go AGAIN to collect $200 more!14:52 Pay the Penalty. Going to jail is just a horrible idea.14:59 Keep it. Nothing else to say.15:06 Always a good card! Don’t cheat on it.15:14 Again, very suitable on Opponents property with a High rent.15:26 Well, good for you! 15:34 No recommendations, just place it on whichever property you desire!15:40 Sending the Accuser to jail sounds like a wonderful idea!15:50 I feel like using it against Frame Another Player works very well! Also very good against Community Chest Cards that send a player to jail and removing hotels/Properties.16:09 Use it on a Property with a Hotel! You’ll be safe from a High-Rent Payment!16:16 It depends. I think it can also work on a complete set.16:23 Use it to send an opponent to a space closest to your properties! You’ll get some cash too.16:33 Can be used with Extra Allowance cheat, which means you can collect $500. Having a Frame Another Player Card is a perfect Combo! Not only the accuser pays you $100 more(which means you can collect up to $600), he/she could also be sent to jail!16:38 You know what this is. No explanation needed.16:42 Powerful card right there. Especially when all properties have been bought and you wanted to extend the game.16:50 Ouch. Just pay.16:56 Use it on your property that has the highest rent!17:07 The one with a lot of properties is gonna suffer a load of payments.17:14 Meh. At least you get $100, which ain’t too bad.17:21 That is a Game-Saver right here. You’ll be resurrected back into the game like you were never out before!17:32 Use it on your Property that has a high rent!17:42 Use it before anyone catches the cheater! Can also work on a complete set or a Property with a Hotel!17:56 You can gain an extra turn if they are okay with it, and if they aren’t, do a forced deal!18:04 Use it on one of your Properties that can charge a high rent with that Hotel!

  2. My favorite cheat was Pickpocket steal money from another player

  3. He actually was right- the jail is around the corner

  4. Original vs cheaters Railroad Original: buy for $200Cheaters: go to the next railroad Free parkingOriginal: nothing happens Cheaters: draw a chance or a community chest cardPennsylvania Avenue Original: $320Cheaters: FREEStates AvenueOriginal: $140Cheaters: $20Atlantic AvenueOriginal: $260Cheaters: $130BuildingsOriginal: 32 houses/12 hotelsCheaters: 16 hotels/no housesThe cheaters edition has a handcuff

  5. By the way, some properties changed prices, and no Utilities or even Taxes!

  6. I Have it! Watching on:May 16 2019! I knew you would do it!

  7. Do the Avengers Edition!! Btw enjoy ur vids

  8. Great unboxing markis! Congrats of getting over 1,500 sub's! I hope u get 2,000 sub's and 1,000,000 views!

  9. Please unbox the monopoly ultimate banking

  10. I want this game please give me a toy in rupees 0

  11. Got this for my mom for Christmas this year cant wait to try it

  12. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things says:

    Now it's legal to cheet at monopoly

  13. I wnat its explanatoin in other languages also and tell how to win it everytime

  14. Cheaters Edition!? Somebody gift this to James May!
    He's a robber afterall according to Jeremy Clarkson & Richard Hammond! And I'm inclined to believe them!

  15. The T-rex is standing on what looks to be bars of gold or phones.

  16. I did not know how to play and looked at other videos and then I saw this one and it makes a lot of sense unlike the others

  17. I have that game plus I always get away with identity theft and always get caught on shortchanged because my opponents count the money so I say darn it to that

  18. Ill sub u cus i want collect different monopoly board games

  19. And i want to catch up to the board games so…

  20. Are you a fool ypu are telling all the cards and no setup your viedio suks

  21. Me: Puh-lease everytime i play monopoly i cheat and go to jail, but this time i gotten away with it all the times :>

  22. Why every time u say go to jail its so loud

  23. i actually got a monopoly game board (the classic one) for chismas and its from my freind 😊

  24. I still have no idea have to play it this is my first one Ik it sounds crazy I don’t know how to play it

  25. I just bought the extended version.
    Has extra tokens and counterfeit money.

  26. So on Chance or Community Chest cards they have this word: Immediately. If it says immediately, read it aloud and you must to do it, but if it's not, keep the card until you decide to do it. Note: One chance AND community chest card per player only. If you have a card without the word Immediately, and if you have either have one chance or community chest card, pick to discard and put on the back of the deck.

  27. You might be wondering: Where are the dice? And the tokens?

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