Monopoly Day 2 National Lottery Online Games #instantwin #bigwin #nationallottery #scratchcards -

Monopoly Day 2 National Lottery Online Games #instantwin #bigwin #nationallottery #scratchcards

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Greetings Everyone!!
Every now and again I play an all Monopoly games session just to say how much I like Monopoly. The game has given me so much fun during my childhood. It is one of those special games that can never be replaced. The magic of Monopoly!! In this Monopoly day 2, I just got a profit session, a big win!! 💰💰💰

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  1. New sub just joined your channel good fortune

  2. Gonna have to play on pc cos the app doesn't have half the games

  3. Those monopoly games are definitely rigged although i did win £50 once on the water works and electric company mini game, have better luck playing the actual lottery, watched this video to see if you won more than me but you didn't

  4. Really like your content 👌 and like the monopoly games , hope you get lucky tc mate 👍

  5. I played monopoly since I was 10, now I’m 13

  6. Absolutely the biggest scam ever,trust me you will lose the lot playing these rip off games

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