Monopoly Deluxe (Virgin Games) (MS-DOS) [1992] [PC Longplay] -

Monopoly Deluxe (Virgin Games) (MS-DOS) [1992] [PC Longplay]

La Mazmorra Abandon
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  1. I'm surprised the "yeah" wasn't an "aaaah yeeeahh, booooyy", if we're going by early 90s standards.

  2. Que viejos recuerdos de este juego. Me agradaban mucho los soniditos

  3. 52:47 Oh nice double brings u back in game bug, so Dog is bankrupt by regular Park Place. xD

  4. 1st: Car (That's you!)
    2nd: Horse
    3rd: Cannon
    4th: Dog

  5. I recognized the intro song as "Parade Tune" from Cool Spot.

  6. Oh dog and cannon got bankrupt

    1. Dog bankrupt 1st time 52:48
    2. Dog bankrupt 2nd time 53:10
    3. Cannon Bankrupt 1st time 1:02:35

  7. I love the tech jokes about how difficult the AI players are! Like most Monopoly video game releases, this one has a lot of charm and goofiness!

  8. 6:08 Put the tax into the bank (Luxury Tax & Income Tax versions)

  9. e^(x)(-)3=

    25 Hz (÷) 12 kV = 60 Hz (÷) 25 kV

  10. Searching for a game that looks exactly like this version of monopoly but you could bet on cars.. Anyone know anything? 🙂 played it last time in the 90s, 94-95 maybe

  11. Some people pointed out that the dog got bankrupted twice and the game ended with the car as the winner with the horse unaffected, but my guess is that it might have been the game's AI mistaking the dog's second bankruptcy for the horse going bankrupt. AI in 1992 wasn't perfect or at the very least similar to the AI we have now!

  12. Increible juego , solia jugarlo con mi mama la cual ya fallecio hace 2 años , extraño esos dias.

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