MONOPOLY: Dungeons & Dragons | The Op Board Game Showcase -

MONOPOLY: Dungeons & Dragons | The Op Board Game Showcase

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Heed the call to capture monsters from across the Forgotten Realms in MONOPOLY: Dungeons & Dragons! Buy, sell, and trade traditional and modern iconic and deadly monsters like the Beholder, Storm Giant, and infamous Demogorgon to nerf the competition. Six collectible tokens representing classes including Halfling Rogue, Human Fighter, Elven Ranger, and Tiefling Bard take you around the board to make discoveries, build up Expeditions and Bases, and collect custom D&D currency to become the richest adventurer and win!

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  1. Mine didn’t come with those figurines and came with terrible pieces. Was mine fake?

  2. Take a board game that features the 2 worst systems in history 1. 100% luck from dice rolls.2. Player elimination.Paint it with the d&d theme = Lazy half assed game.There are FAR better d&d themed games out there my friends.

  3. Omg! Any ideia of when it will be avaiable to other countries, Brazil, perhaps..? according to the website, deliveries are taking place only to the united states for now..

  4. I wish the Free parking, go directly to jail and just visiting looked more D&D style.

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