Monopoly Electronic Banking Board Game (TV Commercial) | Hasbro -

Monopoly Electronic Banking Board Game (TV Commercial) | Hasbro

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With the swipe of a card, you can have it all in the new Monopoly Electronic Banking board game! It’s all about the money, money, money! Live rich! The classic Monopoly board game has been modernized. With the new Monopoly Electronic Banking Unit, get paid quicker than ever. Don’t worry, even though some tokens and landmarks have been updated, the game still features all the classic fun with the original design. The Monopoly Electronic Banking board game includes a gameboard, Electronic Banking unit, Title Deed cards, Chance and Community Chest cards, 6 bank cards, 2 dice, 6 tokens, 32 houses, 12 hotels, and instructions.

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  1. I approve of everything about this commercial. Turning the meaning of the song around and just acting like a huge douche? I LOVE IT!

  2. love this comercial cuz he is there:D…….♥

  3. This commercial would be like stairing at a blanck screen if it wasnt for Noah!:) he makes every thing 1000x better!

  4. el chico es noah centineo de austin y ally

  5. Tis it just me or is this guy from Austin and ally??

  6. His Dallas from Austin and ally ally's crush

  7. What a horrible lesson to teach kids. Swiping a card doesn't give you the world it gives you DEBT!

  8. I was rolling when he put them hotels down. He thought he was the shit. I can't. LOL.

  9. Ok so 1. How the hell did i even get to this.
    2. That kids ugly as shit.
    3. This game sucks.


  11. I LOVE THIS SONG! But what is it called pls tell me!!!!!!!

  12. I think I'm going to get confused once playing this game xD

  13. The song reminds me wean i got my toy dog otto I got him in 2011

  14. I am a boy who was posting this commet

  15. 😳 A monopoly credit card, they gave them a Monopoly Credit Card?! How dare they gave my greatest board game of all time a MONOPOLY CREDIT CARD!!! 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

  16. It's a good. Idea to pay with you're monopoly creditcard.

  17. This is so cool!! I guess you don't have to do maths while you're playing omg omg omg and you can't cheat !

  18. Credit Cards are my big pet peeve but they made A MONOPOLY CREDIT CARD!!! I'LL kill you you ice cold corporations 😡🔫

  19. That kind of gets rid of the charm of Monopoly. Having physical copies of dollar bills made it amazing. Now; I think this just ruins it.

  20. Me encanta y mas con la canción de jessie j

  21. WTF!!! The lyrics to this song was changed! Original lyrics are "IT'S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY, MONEY, WE DON'T NEED YOUR MONEY, MONEY".

    They really should have went with another song, and did they even have permission to change the lyrics?

  22. better than taking cash out and having to sett it up. i have it and i love it. what a good monopoly product. your gameboards are awesome

  23. I have the second set not that full electrinic set

  24. AGRNDA 21 ALL OVER IT. next they will have a game that will require you to have a chip inserted into your hand so you can play.  What happened to the gold stranded ?

  25. i'm so poor that the monopoly card would say declined.

  26. wonder if one can play classic monopoly with the electronic banking device

  27. This is a new world order product designed to condition your mind for the coming cashless society


  28. This is the new year will be the 6th year anniversary of having that song stuck in my head. Since first grade.

  29. for people who can't count worth shit

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