Monopoly Family Fun Pack Review -

Monopoly Family Fun Pack Review

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Monopoly Family Fun Pack Review

A new era of Monopoly for home consoles! The Monopoly Family Fun Pack gathers the 3 Monopoly Games: – Monopoly PLUS: the classic Monopoly with a 3D animated board!- My Monopoly, to create your very own board- Monopoly Deal, a fast-paced and addictive Monopoly card-gameEnjoy the classic Monopoly in new fun ways, with your friends and people all around the world!

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  1. You're the only one that I found, that showed a little bit of the setup of an AI. Thank you very much for helping out.

  2. How is everyone overlooking the fact that you can't mortgage properties during an auction, this is a fatal flaw and completely ruins the game

  3. its ubisoft though, i just wish it was like monopoly mobile where you can have the top view. also put an bot whenever someone leaves the game since it gets disconnected every time. i will say the dice seem more randomized, the mobile version you practically trail behind each other. had one game where the other 3 players kept getting back to back doubles and the almost every game starts off with one player landing on each color card for sale while everyone else ends up on community, chance and income tax. here and there utilities or railroads but had a game where we all went around the board without landing on one card

  4. I used to play this game but lost the disc.It was my favorite and I really wanna play it

  5. I don't understand where or how to get the casino board or the haunted one…..

  6. Does anyone knows how to even start that game? We bought it and the app says we need to spend ANOTHER 60 PLN to use it. Is it possible or is some kind of glitch?

  7. I wish you could make you're own custom areas on the board

  8. you, my friend, need WWAAAAAYYYYY more subscribers

  9. Thanks for the review. That saved by bucks to buy this pack and just buy only Monopoly plus.

  10. can you play with your online friends?

  11. Yo sick review man keep reviewing other games

  12. Stop saying literally when what you're talking about isn't literal.

  13. Hi quick question, if you buy the add one for the custom board, do other party memebers need to buy it to to play the custom board you create?

  14. can players from famillie fun pack play together with players that only have monopoly plus

  15. Can you play custom boards with friend? online

  16. Can i play with my family in our living room with the same controler without online??

  17. Can me and someone from the same console play online with other people

  18. Why do some people have boardwalk and I have Mayfair?

  19. This game is a scam, it has lots of glitches, 1/2 hours into the game 75% of the time the game doesn’t let you click the ps4 button so you either click to go bankrupt or leave the game, such a waste of 20 bucks and time

  20. How the hell do you just have 80 subscribers these people doing you dirty bro

  21. This game crashes at cant even get pass the game menu screen
    PS4 PRO

  22. This isn’t anywhere near as good as the mobile version. In the mobile version you can customize many game settings so you can make the games play faster. This console version is very restrictive and it doesn’t even let you manage property before your rolls, taking out a factor or strategy.

  23. Just bought the game. I played one game against the AI sofar but the game is kinda slow. I wish you could skip through the turns quicker and have a better overview of which properties your opponents have.

  24. They need to make a new one for the ps5

  25. Question. If i buy it on pc.. can i play cross platform with ps4?

  26. The classic board woulda been elite if it had a background of a tabletop

  27. I recently got this, and I am enjoying the living board, however the Hasbro channel isn't working, so people are losing out on a lot of content that should be there, wish they'd fix it.

  28. It was on sale today and I ended up playing for 4 hours with friends

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