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MONOPOLY for mobile – Google Play

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MONOPOLY, the classic family game, comes to life on your mobile and tablets! Buy, sell, and scheme your way to riches and bankrupt your friends and family – online or offline.

Build your property empire without distractions – no ads and no conflict around who’s going to play banker. Play now and immerse yourself in a living and breathing city to experience Monopoly like never before.

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  1. Absolute Rubbish. It's not actual monopoly it's a child version of what the game she woulf like it to be. But adults the grew up playing the game. Just want to play the game and not this useless glorified crap with lowd music monuments like statue of liberty and enhancing the statue. How the f.uck is thie monopoly?? I've been playing for almost 40 years .. This is absolutely not it.

  2. Tbh this game is so bad, you cant skip when objects are moving, cant have the classic board i miss the EA version fr

  3. Esta re buenoo lo vi en el canal de Auron y está buenísimo

  4. Funktioniert das zuzweit auf einem Bildschirm?

  5. How is it possible? They've created a scripted monopoly!!!

  6. Make it free so that more people come play it 🙂

  7. How do you unmortgage?? I cant find how in the app

  8. Добавьте русский язык в игру!

  9. $79.99999999999999999

  10. Is this the same as the free version before but just them demanding money?

  11. why would a monopoly game need in app purchases its wrong

  12. ive bought this game twice now and today cannot find it

  13. Добавите русский язык в игру пожалуйста.🥺🥺🥺

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