Monopoly for Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer -

Monopoly for Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer

Ubisoft North America
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Now is time to own it all on Switch!
Your favorite family board game is coming to Nintendo’s new console!
Discover amazing living boards, play with your own rules and challenge yourself online!
Trading your way to success has never been so fun!


  1. This is bs you cant add local players to online matches other than that its a good game i guess

  2. do i get a free nentendo switch with this game

  3. Too bad this fish stick can only run games for children…

  4. And this is what we call filler games till the next Nintendo console

  5. Pls put for honor or watch dogs on it instead

  6. Great! Now i'm just gonna rage quit and flip over the switch instead of the table.

  7. its quite awesome if we have some tabletop games on switch

  8. Another monopoly for achievement hunter to make Ryan play.

  9. how is someone supposed to flip the game board when they get mad and lose?

  10. you can probably just buy the board game monoply

  11. Monopoly. Yep, that sounds about right for a third party game that comes to Nintendo.

  12. Monopoli will sell tons on the Switch as it will appeal to families ans parties alike. Sure it's not a single player game but it looks a very nice version. It's precisely the nature of the Switch that will sell this game which, on the other hand, I would not see doing well in a traditional home console.

  13. Monopoly is a terrible game. This doesn't make it better.
    But you know, it feels like rolling real dice with HD rumble!

  14. Good lord… It better not be true that the new Assassin's Creed isn't coming out on the Switch. I will be livid. If there's hardware restrictions because of its size, that sucks but I understand. But if it has anything to do with there not being a market on nintendo with that kind of game you couldn't be more wrong. For many, the switch is their only console such as myself and it needs possibly my fave series next to zelda… at the very least port unity and syndicate to the switch because I and I'm sure others who got screwed by third party support for the wii u haven't had a system to play these games on yet..

  15. Does this version have online with dedicated servers?

  16. should make this cross-platform along with xbox/ps

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