Monopoly For Nintendo Switch Gameplay -

Monopoly For Nintendo Switch Gameplay

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Get double 3 times, go to jail. Let’s play Monopoly For Nintendo Switch! This game usually takes hours to finish. We still prefer playing the real game though, since it brings back memories. #Monopoly game on #NintendoSwitch

Who plays this game in real life?


  1. They came out with monopoly madness instead of upgrading this one

  2. I keep getting kicked out every game, mid game actually. Also players leave mid game all the time to only be replaced with bots.

  3. Every time I play this in switch the frames drop.the frames drop

  4. Me? I have several different boards and I'm over 40 years old

  5. Αναστάσιος Τσαγκαλιδής says:

    How can yoi change language if you choose wrong??

  6. Isn't this game based on Monopoly Plus? The gameplay is just like Monopoly plus, except that is different.

  7. Are you playing slow or is the game that slow?

  8. Wow there’s really something WRONG with people in this world when NO youtube videos mention how unbelievabley SLOW the AI plays. Seriously, nobody notices or just doesnt call this out!? Wtf. “Time to play”… 3 sec delay. Dice roll… another 3 sec delay… every AI turn. Ubi F’d this game up with their slow crap AI. And everyone on youtube is all gaga about graphics and having “Monopoly on Switch!” Oooh boy!!!

  9. Say I have 3/4 properties in a color set and my friend has the other one. Can I get the other one so I can get a house on the property?

  10. i hate that guys voice it makes me want to throw my phone

  11. I’m considering buying this game for my family? Is it a bad game overall?

  12. this game is so much fun when you got money 🤑

    this game is so not fun when you're broke 😒

  13. Fun game with family but I don’t think there is a single player mode like I had on my Palm pilot back in the day .

  14. Im way too much of a cheater to play this,, i cant steal money from the box no more 😿

  15. Hi I love this game too much 😍 who wants us to be friends on the switch?

  16. Where i can find this game?is it at playstore?

  17. Is there any different with hasbro game night monopoly?

  18. Is there online and team play with family?

  19. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s harder to tell what cards you have

  20. Who wants to be friends on switch my friend code is SW-3773-6702-2219 anyone can friend me and Ill accept my only friend is my sister XDDDDD so pls friend me u dont need to tell me ur friend code just say ur user and Ill accept cause u friend me

  21. Can anyone explain to me how the house auction works and just what the rules are? I understand the street auction but I have no idea what house auction is or how it works.

  22. Wait is this a 2-4 player? You can’t play by yourself

  23. Who is still playing this? It's hard to find online matches

  24. What happens when the host leaves does the game end like the console version?

  25. New subscriber and I really enjoyed it and congratulations on 60K

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