Monopoly for Nintendo Switch – Reveal Trailer -

Monopoly for Nintendo Switch – Reveal Trailer

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The world’s favorite family game brand is coming to Nintendo’s new console! Discover brand new lively 3D boards that live and evolve in front of your eyes as you progress in the game. Unlock exclusive new tokens and many more surprises!

Monopoly for Nintendo Switch is Available Now!

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  1. W-WHAT (my first expretion) this is awesome (my second expretion)

  2. Whenever a player lands on an unowned property and doesn't have enough money to buy it, the game doesn't give that player a chance to manage his/her property.

    The game instead forces an auction.

    Did Ubisoft finally rectify it?

  3. Oh woooow, this would be been great back in 1864!

  4. i hope they make frozen junior version on switch

  5. Coming soon , somebody made library for Nintendo switch

  6. Why don't you put 8 players like in Genesis version? It would be awesome to play with many friends using 2 controllers

  7. How to lose your friends and break a Switch 101

  8. I hope it comes to 3DS.
    I loved it on the DS in 2010.

  9. No monopoly gamer DLC? Are you serious?

  10. I just tried the demo finally and it was pretty fun. I died laughing then the dice knocked over the dog. The graphics are good and load times are minimal. But yet it's still 40 dollars. I expect a huge open world game with a story at that price.

  11. Just a question, I wanna buy this game maybe. But can you play this with robots or something? Because I like the game but no one like it to play with me ;D just say it if you know!

  12. Now I can play monopoly with my friends oh wait…

  13. can you put roblox on Nintendo switch plzzzzz!

  14. for everyone wondering! it’s 60% off right now in the e-shop at $15.99 🙂

  15. Mario Party VS Monopoly, which is the biggest friendship destroyer?

  16. I always wished they'd start making the special edition Monopoly games into video games. But it's always the original.

  17. Is this Monopoly better than the version on Hasbro Game Night? I just want to play Monopoly, but if the one on Hasbro Game Night is the same I might as well buy that game instead.

  18. This game lacks content. In this day n age, there should be DLC to purchase for new boards or tokens or even to unlock boards or tokens. Played the demo, it seems as though that's lacking. Not worth the $40 price.

  19. Before you think about buying this, don't. The game runs at like 2 Frames Per Second. Big waste of money. Just spent all my eShop coins that I saved up on this, it's actually barely playable. Ripoff

  20. Can confirm, this is better than Super Mario Party.

  21. What About You Wanted Call Of Duty: WW2 For Nintendo Switch
    But Nintendo Said: Here, Have MONOPOLY

  22. Monopoly
    Ruin you're friendship everywhere you want

  23. Please help me for the love of god i cannot get the button to work that declares bankruptcy. Its the left button right?!?!??

  24. We bought this so that my family could all play at the same time over the internet while this covid lock down is on only to find if you are playing online only 1 person per console can play so if you want 2 players in your house to play another 2 players in another house you both need 2 copied of Monopoly and 2 console – so over all you need 4 copies of monopoly and 4 console This only applies to online so be aware before you buy it. What a big Con

  25. Nice that switch is the only consol where the figures jump instead of move like the real behavior of the represented figures
    You guys at Nintendo are some degenerated boomer who should quit their job!

  26. Fall 2017? I'm late to the party. wasn't interested until I realized the game has a Halloween theme.

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