Monopoly for Nintendo Switch – Reveal Trailer -

Monopoly for Nintendo Switch – Reveal Trailer

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The world’s favorite family game brand is coming to Nintendo’s new console! Discover brand new lively 3D boards that live and evolve in front of your eyes as you progress in the game. Unlock exclusive new tokens and many more surprises!

Monopoly for Nintendo Switch is Available Now!

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  1. I wonder if I can buy this game with my real life monopoly money

  2. If i try to play this with my brothers, they’ll just tell me to go away and never bring this up again from all the experiences we had with monopoly

  3. OHHH monopoly hahahahahha my power is back 💵💵💵💵😆😆

  4. Screw Odyssey dude this is what you should but the system for.

  5. Nintendo (sigh) this is kind of shovel ware

  6. ราเมศวร์ ทองเชื้อ says:


  7. Isnt laying the switch on its back like that bad for it? Isnt that covering the back vents?

  8. Let me just discover that this is just a joke and monopoly will not be released as it's way too late for april fools
    just kidding

  9. Mario Party kept getting worse as the games progressed from 9 onward, it's so bad that it makes this looks like game of the year, THERES ACTUAL F*CKING BOARDS IN THIS…. AND STRATEGY TOO… Monopoly for Switch isn't bad, but you have to admit it's 100x better than the current Mario Parties, sad I know.

  10. Heu… C'est pas avant tout un jeux de société le Monopoly ?

  11. Ik this is cool and all but games like monopoly and stuff were one of the only forms of social entertainment that didn’t require a screen can’t we keep it that way

  12. For another Monopoly port, this looks great.

  13. no , i haven't the nintendo switch , all to play to monopoly , is my preferity game!!!!!!!!!!

  14. "Oh you got me Monopoly this year? For the Nintendo 64? Well, this would have been great back in 1864. Y'know when it was impressive just to not die from being 35." – Jontron

  15. This such a amazing game for the whole family

  16. Personally I love Monopoly I think I might wait until The Game of life comes out

  17. This looks more like a Nintendo Switch trailer by 0:30, but the game looks awesome!

  18. Here are the 4 problems with the new monopoly game.


    #2 Characters glitching through buildings… I mean come on it's a monopoly game
    it is not that hard to make.

    #3 Dice hit the player (When Thrown)

    #4 People with OCD WILL HATE THIS GAME!

  19. Legal 🏠🏧💈🚘🐦🐥🐃💵🔪entedeu deixa like

  20. It needed a Day 1 patch since it took forever to load by a glitch, RIP

    eh it's okay

  21. Who’s gonna want to play Monopoly on their Nintendo Switch? It’s like Jenga on the Wii….

  22. This is when the Switch starts getting shovelware.

  23. At 0:37 there were two blue joycons, but at the next scene, there is a new red one!

  24. At ):37 both of theJoy-Coms are left ones.

  25. Si creiste que monopoly Mario era demasiado estupido , pues piensalo bien

  26. ROBLOX should be added!!!!!!!!!!!

    ….like if u agree(also comment LOL)

  27. A fun family game. This is definitely a system that will benefit from more multi-player games. I love BOTW and Splatoon, but those are not multi-player games for families or parties.

  28. we got a classic board game onto the Switch
    If they managed to get cardboard+Switch…
    Board+Switch is totally gonna get less I know it

  29. it needs more updates make monopoly mega a thing again and where’s the 1395 other versions of monopoly

  30. I have the Hasbro game pack for ps4 is there going to be any major difference between the 2

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