Monopoly for Nintendo Switch – Reveal Trailer -

Monopoly for Nintendo Switch – Reveal Trailer

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The world’s favorite family game brand is coming to Nintendo’s new console! Discover brand new lively 3D boards that live and evolve in front of your eyes as you progress in the game. Unlock exclusive new tokens and many more surprises!

Monopoly for Nintendo Switch is Available Now!

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  1. Step aside Mario Odyssey, this is the real game of the year.

  2. I need this so badly, HD RUMBLE DICE!!!

  3. i hate how theres nothing coming out this year between the beginning of July until the end of October yet theres like 5 or 6 games coming out after that this year that I know im gonna buy. this summer has been really boring. and im not gonna have much time to game while going to college in September sooo im basically fukt

  4. Any release dates confirmed? I'm actually very excited to see monopoly on a console finally

  5. I love monopoly and Nintendo. But for 60 dollars I'd never buy this. I hate PlayStation but on PS4 you can get monopoly, trivial pursuit, Risk and Scrabble for less than that.

    Edit: Never mind I'm an idiot it's only 10

  6. Add in the ability to play the Monopoly Gamer Edition, either built-in or as cheap DLC, and people may actually buy this version of the game…

  7. If there's on online mode I would probably play this I like Monopoly

  8. I get this be good for Rainey days on holiday with the family hope Nintendo do a new Mario party like 2 to 6 on the switch

  9. Wow monopoly?

    That could be great in the 1930…
    When not being death at 25 was great

  10. Is there gonna be an option to play with your friends and family online? It says online play but nintendo is famous for making their games online but it's a random online join option, where you can't pick a game room, you and your friends have to hit play online at the same time and hope you draw eachother.

  11. So will it have online multiplayer or just be another Monopoly game worth skipping?

  12. Dude.if you dont have money to buy the switch,buy the freaking real monopoly

  13. If this is being shown in April but we still gotta wait for Fall, you better be still doing stuff with it, maybe put in that Gamer board.

  14. I think.. I think this the coolest game coming to the switch

  15. please tell me that there is going to be touch sacreen controls too. That would be great (4 player multiplayer without buying new controllers sound amazing)

  16. Hasbro how about porting Transformers Devastation for the switch – No? ok..

  17. What. In. The. World. Has. The. Switch. Become…….The Nintendo gods gave us too many good games

  18. what if there was a unique bar code inside every real life monopoly and when you read it with your switch you get the game for free, but the code can only be used once

  19. Spent 360$ on a switch to play monopoly
    Spend 30$ on a really board game

  20. Include Monopoly Gamer as a free DLC and we'll talk.

  21. and like I've already not spent enough time on this thing

  22. Do you need 1 joy con per person? Or can u all share 1 joycon. Id be expensive to get like another 2-4 joycons ontop of the game

  23. Or you could you know just buy the board game which is cheaper, doesn't need charging nor a television, has real life cards that are easier to read and doesn't require several expensive controllers in order to play with all of your friends.

  24. heck yeah I'll get this thank you Jesus and god for releasing this in the I'll be a good boy now

  25. Does anyone know if this game has online play WITH FRIENDS, not just random people

  26. I have to wait like 30 minutes on the laoding screen to play…

  27. it's great and all but the switch battery is not that great it lasts like 3 hours so is your on the go you will need to charge it

  28. Does it have the My Little Pony board though?, nobody seems to answer this for me whereever i ask.

  29. Wow. What do you know. This is an old trailer. I didn't know this video existed.

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