Monopoly - Game 1 Part 1 - Slaying the Dragons (Xbox One Let's Play) -

Monopoly – Game 1 Part 1 – Slaying the Dragons (Xbox One Let’s Play)

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Just a short little three part series of a Monopoly game I played with Brock and some of his friends on Xbox Live! These guys are hilarious, hope you all enjoy!


  1. Lol, made my night. You have some great friends Trevor.

  2. He must've played this like a month ago Because the wild have been out for a while.

  3. TmarTn2 you put your facecam in the worst spots. 😒

  4. Trev, did that one guy say Pensacola? Do you live close to there?

  5. C'mon Trevor, more MLB15!  Also waiting on the last Super Cooper Sunday video you didn't upload.

  6. Trevor some guys are breathing into there mic its irritating

  7. I'm not sure if any of you know but I think he spilt some Mountain Dew!

  8. Aye I'll play with you I've had this game haha. Always fun

  9. Did anyone Try To Get a Full Set Of a Colour ?

  10. It doesn't seem right watching this without all the London properties…

  11. You really do Monopoly and not COD like you said you would

    Or bully??

    But this is cool I guess I would prefer those though ^^

  12. I finally think TmarTn is finally changing his mind to be more kid friendly😂

  13. Dude, Brock was so right, one of the funniest things ever 😂😂😂 "slay some dragons" I died trev, I died 😂😂😂 loving the uploads bro

  14. Where the hell is the intro? I have no idea what's going on! Laziness

  15. Trevor talks a bunch in his live coms but not in a stream
    Maybe he has social anxiety? lol

  16. "when really all your doin is watching porn"

  17. I wish u could make this a big series! 🙁

  18. I live in florida to zepherhills close to tampa

  19. I don't even care about the game, their conversation was hilarious! xD

  20. its a hard brock life for us 
    its a hard brock life for us

  21. Talking about the Minnesota Wild.. This video is from so long ago

  22. Monopaly is so much funner to play in real life

  23. Why would anyone buy boardwalk? nobody land on it so its really useless

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