Monopoly - Game 1 Part 3 - BS Ending :'( (Xbox One Let's Play) -

Monopoly – Game 1 Part 3 – BS Ending :'( (Xbox One Let’s Play)

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Just a short little three part series of a Monopoly game I played with Brock and some of his friends on Xbox Live! These guys are hilarious, hope you all enjoy!


  1. Does anybody know what font he uses for the numbers in the thumbnail of all of his lets plays , walkthroughs etc? if you know much appreciated

  2. How long do I have to wait for a CS:GO video?

  3. I need advice. Last night there were cupcakes in the fridge. I'm known for sleep walking, and my mom said that's she "saw" me eat the cupcakes. I kept denying it and now my parents are really mad at me, so mad that my dad pushed everything off of my brothers and my dresser. And they said I couldn't play in my baseball tournament. And no more Xbox. But they bluff a lot and say they'll do something a lot. What do I do?

  4. wow dude that SUCKS but now u have a better chance of getting better places!

  5. Will u do a QnA for us when u hit 1 million subs

  6. I love monopoly and watching you play is super entertaining MORE MORE MORE

  7. Yo TmarTn when are u gonna start playing nba live 15 again???

  8. Hey TmarTn2 nice video. when do their come more cs:go out?

  9. Ha Monopoly kinderzeit kommt wieder hoch eins meiner lieblings spiele aber nur wenn ich die schlossstraße hatte haha gutes lets play

  10. Trev bring back game of thrones episode 4 has been for a while and 5 is coming out soon

  11. Is it just me or does the announcer sound like sonic the hedgehog?

  12. Lmao man has over 3.5M subs and top comment has 7 likes

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