Monopoly - Game Boy Advance - Quick Full Single Player Game -

Monopoly – Game Boy Advance – Quick Full Single Player Game

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This is a one player run through of the classic board game Monopoly for the Game Boy Advance. It’s really not a bad Monopoly experience if you’re on the go or it’s all you have. This one ends pretty quickly considering how long Monopoly games go. I get some really lucky rolls all the way through to ensure that. This video is just to show you what the game is like, how it looks and sounds, and what you’ll get if you were to play it. I use My channel mates for the AI characters and I trounce them! Hahahaha! Suckers!


  1. Does anyone know how to trade in this game I can’t figure it out I got to the point we’re it says who to trade wigh

  2. Thank you !! 😊 Also, no one appreciate the clean pixel quality on the video, despite it being 1 hour long 😮. I appreciate the quality.I have a GBA, Perhaps I'll go get a copy. Do cartridges rot after 20 years?

  3. I can't believe you can rename the CPU in the GBA version

  4. An hour?
    Remembers actual monopoly games with my family (10+ hours) 🥶

  5. Thanks this is useful 🙂 was wondering whether this could be played one player and what the gameplay was like so this video is spot on. Sending my bf to eBay 🙂

  6. The music in this goes harder than it has any right to

  7. I didn't think the music in this version was so good all of a sudden.

  8. The first Game Boy version is better from 1991 this version lacks animation compared to that version.

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