Monopoly (Game Boy Color) -

Monopoly (Game Boy Color)

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This is Monopoly for the Nintendo Game Boy Color

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  1. I’m not sure if it’s a bug, but I just had the black screen thing happen to me too (36:23). Glad to see it’s not just my copy. Funny enough, I tested the standard GB version, and it looks fine. Just black on GBC.

  2. I always thought the NES & Gameboy/GBC versions of Monopoly had the best soundtracks of any Monopoly video games. Especially that cool ending theme.

  3. I played the board game of Monopoly with my Grandma but I had to stop playing with her because my Grandmother passed away this year 2018 on Sunday January 7th

  4. I used to set the other players as computers, play for a bit, then change them humans and make them give me all of their money and assets at the auction then switch them back to computers and watch them all declare bankruptcy…one by one. 9 year old me was vicious….

  5. This colorised game, Monopoly by Majesco, released in 1999, is a re-release version of the 1991 Parker Brothers original Game Boy game that also adds a bonus card-match game between each level. Monopoly is the best board game, but this game is the same as the Game Boy version.

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