Monopoly Game for the Blind #blind #monopoly #braille #tactile #accessible -

Monopoly Game for the Blind #blind #monopoly #braille #tactile #accessible

Blind on the Move
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  1. I love to see companies making many staples into more accessible forms. Especially how Microsoft designed a controller that can add any putting into the controller. Thanks for helping those who are visually impaired, you’re under appreciated by society

  2. I_am_bisexual_or_something_like_that says:

    Those dice has a slightly higher chance of landing on 1 due to the uneven weight distribution

  3. Monopoly money having Braille but US not

  4. It is fun game until they trown the dice and doesn't see where it falls

  5. Really impressive, that some companies , are using braile in their games. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Monopoly money more accessible than real money.

  7. How do the player figures and the houses work? Dont you swipe them from the board if you try to feel the situation and read the braile? Is it a pin design? Or do you use flat but magnetic ones with some kind of tactile indicator/braile?

  8. I work with blind people, we have the same game haha 🙌

  9. Listen… listen… I understand it. I do…. but cmon. It couldn't cost that much more to make a box with SOME graphics on it. Jeez!

  10. They really missed an opportunity to save ink on the cards and board.

  11. Am I the only one who thinks it's funny they didn't bother to put a picture on the box?


  13. aw, I genuinely love this one, monopoly was honestly one of my favorite board games when I was a kid
    (im not visually impaired or anything, I just think its really sweet that little things like monopoly are still accessible)

  14. the one issue is the fact that you put in all this effort and the result is just that more people have acess to monopoly, a shit game.

    (jokes aside obviously acessability is good)

  15. First reaction: Why are the instructions not on white paper, and where are the pictures and the layout….
    my brain

  16. Ah, now everybody can get pissed off during game night.

  17. Now blind people can play the worst game ever

  18. You mean even if I'm blind I still have to play this fucking game

  19. I'm neither of those things but love the large print versions of the components look really nice

  20. Why is there no box art and no pictures in the instructions

  21. Now finally, the blind must suffer through the capitalistic hellscape that is the game of monopoly

  22. Gonna spend 4hr just reading the instructions💀 and then if you play it could last for days

  23. Hilarious that they leave the box white with sharpie writing

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