Monopoly Game Goes Wrong // Mind Fudge -

Monopoly Game Goes Wrong // Mind Fudge

Mind Fudge
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So Monopoly night got a little out of hand 😅💰 / #MindFudge ep.6

Step into my overactive imagination and stay a while, or don’t, but please do…thanks?

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Mind Fudge is Created by 👇🏻
Jon Simo
Justine Nelson

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  1. dude brought a whole ass bulle proof vest into a monopoly game bruhhh

  2. Grainne sipping that water is me whenever I hear juicy gossip! ☕️ What’s the Tea?

  3. Hey, I'm from Brazil, and I kinda wish we had comedy this good around here. Loved it. Can't wait for more.

  4. The first time I have watched this I was like is that a nipple this series.

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