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Monopoly – Game Grumps VS

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A thrilling battle between a boot and a hat.

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  1. That conjunction junction song was from I think it was called house of rock or something

  2. 7/5… thats 140, you reduce that and its a 70 which means jon gave it 7/10

  3. I just look back at this and laugh at how nice Jon and Arin were to each other, compared to the kicking and screaming duo of Arin and Danny, 6 years later.

  4. This is the first time I've noticed that Jon trades two of his properties and $260 for a railroad…

  5. In no other show on YouTube (or anywhere, really) would two guys be laughing about the Monopoly Man having severe Alzheimer's and his grandson crying

  6. threadwalking.. its fucking 3 am and im high and ive watched this so many times and im playing video games like waht am i doing with my life guys

  7. man this is the worst fuckin piece of shit monopoly i've ever seen

  8. I'm amazed I got directed toward this Jon era video from Part 2 of Grumps' Sekiro playthrough. A classic though. Still love it~

  9. He’s gotta HOO HOO face~

    He’s gotta HOO- X3

  10. did you know: monopoly is set in new jersey.

  11. This is one of the only digital version of monopoly that actually has perfect rng because they were literally unable to program anything more than a simple number generator with all the visual bells and whistles they added. The only AI is the different characters being more difficult to barter with, they roll the same random dice as the player, unlike later versions.

  12. Capitalism is great m8. Also that so called documentary was bullshit.

  13. Anybody:
    Any fucking body at all:
    I mean, literally anyone:
    Arin, playing Monopoly: "ReDs ArE tHe MoSt CoMmOnLy LaNdEd On SpOtS!"

  14. The sound effects in this game are hilarious for some reason. They're so blunt.

  15. Still have my original copy for NES, the AI is so broken.

  16. @21:16 Arin starts singing a song I heard on Sesame Street when I was 3. and a flood of nostalgic imagery of marbles moving on a machine conjure up from a forgotten memory of my childhood.
    Thanks Arin, now I have to look that shit up on YouTube. ✌️😅🤳

  17. Jon: we have nothing to show our audience. Me: using old grumps as a podcast while working so literally never looking at the screen.

  18. It sad that I have this game

  19. There was something magical about whenever Jon and Arin would randomly break into song.

  20. That dam joke almost feels like a bad omen now, looking back at this after Game Grumps has become a production where Arin tries to unnaturally replace any swearing he'd normally let out with the most kindergartener-friendly shit he can think of.

  21. ah yes, the original monopoly video.

  22. 11:38 "We should just do this in one episode, it isn't interesting enough to cut up."

    Meanwhile, in 2020: "Monopoly Part 50!"

  23. This version never had server issues. They should do a rematch.

  24. i like how john named himself after one of the people who wrote the communist manifesto

  25. Jon: "This dice game for families isn't very good, is it?"
    Arin: "It is."

  26. "or press y for see deed"
    "whats a see deed?"
    time traveling arin falls through the ceiling "SEE DEEZ N-"

  27. 06:30 Jon describes the mindset behind AAA-game-developers padding their games forever

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