Monopoly Game Night - Graser's Business Takeover! -

Monopoly Game Night – Graser’s Business Takeover!

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Welcome to our first ever game night! We’ll be shifting thru streams throughout the night. 😀


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  1. Is will going live anytime soon? Anyone still waiting… Is will live yet ?????

  2. Where can we get the Clue online game you played the other day? I can't find that version

  3. The light blues are probably almost as good as the dark blues, honestly. Unless your luck is really low, the houses are cheap and the rent is at a good ratio. And they're easier to get. Of course, the Chuck in between jail and go to jail have the highest likelihood, but I'd take the light blues with little issue.

    I'm not completely sure, could be wrong.

  4. If you play my monopoly drinking game and drink every time someone counter offers, please drink responsibly 😂

  5. I wish you'd stop rushing each other. When being yelled at to hurry up, you might not, say, but that hotel you might want.

  6. Does anyone know where I can play this version of monopoly online?

  7. Comment if your watching late

  8. When you actually gonna upload something other than live stream I hate live streamed shit

  9. Stop making live streams make videos Because streams get boring and they are too long

  10. The bus ruined the game tbh. Loving these game nights soooo much!

  11. I miss when you played with Thinknoodles 😭

  12. No H won sorry. You had the choice to manage properties and you goofed up.

  13. Omg Graser be a Apex player! Like post apex videos, I would watch.

  14. Shelby was kinda being really rude to H tho, not cool

  15. no one talked abt how graser and will have access to each others yt acc bro bsf goals

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