Monopoly: Game of Thrones Board Game Unboxing -

Monopoly: Game of Thrones Board Game Unboxing

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Join Joe as he takes a look at the new Monopoly: Game of Thrones board game in today’s unboxing video!

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  1. Jail should have been DungeonFree Parking should have been Free Folk

  2. such a great Monopoly, best one of Game of Thrones

  3. I just ordered this for my roommate for Christmas and I keep hearing about missing cards and pieces, is that common or just a rare thing?

  4. Great unboxing man! Now i really want to buy it

  5. Great video bro. I laughed when you dropped the cards from the throne, sorry 😂😂😂

  6. Too crappy… could have made the chair metal like the tokens or pewter, and the coins similar to poker chips only thinner instead of cardboard. They could easily charge 40 to 50 bucks seeing as they are marketing for adult (collectors). And what's up with that board? It's like partly ripped in half. Oh well…

  7. If they actually made a true deluxe version of this game people would pay $60 for it easily!

    A heavy duty game board, metal coins, a metal "Iron Throne", heavier Deluxe player tokens, metal towers and castles and a game box that isn't a piece of crap! Hell…I would have been paid upwards of $100 for a deluxe wooden box with metallic inlay.

  8. They're using your video for promotional purposes on Instagram, please dm me on Instagram: risingbatman

  9. what sleeve i can use in these cards? use catan size sleeves?

  10. How F***ing lazy producers must be not to change jail/parking art.

  11. I just bought this as a gift for someone. I'd have gladly paid a little more for a metal iron throne.

  12. It's called the iron throne, not the plastic throne. Such a letdown.


  14. Fuck me lol it plays the theme tune😅🤣😂

  15. Should i buy this or the collector's edition?

  16. You just saved me 47€ ( that's the price here in Belgium ). So disappointed. Same as many other people mentioned here, I would have paid even 3x times this price if they could have actually put some effort to really make it for Adults. A bigger board made of metal or wood, bigger metal pieces. The iron throne and coins from metal as well and a better approach for the arts ( jail? wtf ).

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