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Monopoly Game Show Open/Close

Michael Hetrick
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Yes, it was a game show on ABC during the Summer of 1990. Paired with “Super Jeopardy”, created and executive produced by game show master Merv Griffin, the show took 3 players around the Monopoly board answering crossword style clues. After all the properties were sold, players bought houses and advanced around the board earning money.

The show was initially for syndication, but when not enough stations purchased it was taken by ABC to fill the Summer 1990 schedule. 12 episodes aired with 13 episodes taped. The theme song is pretty catchy!

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  1. MONOPOLY!!!!! man its been years since i seen this show anyone got any more episodes or gameshows

  2. someone check out the 0:50 mark. did that guy put 2 go to jail's on luxury tax and boardwalk?

  3. I heard that originally the show was supposed to go into syndication and be hosted by Peter Tomarken from "Press Your Luck". Not enough stations signed on though and they ran this back to back with "Super Jeopardy!" in summer 1990.

  4. why does it matter? the object was to go all the way around the board. and if he didn't then the money that he had won in the bonus round was lost.

  5. what was his total? i saw it flashing on the scoreboard but i couldn't make it out.

  6. my eyesight isn't that good either dw about it

  7. Can you please upload the full episode of "Monopoly" featuring our three contestants Patrick, Rebecca, and Mike???

  8. At 1:19, I heard the guy in the background said "Come on", & is there a mp3 for this theme, I kinda like it, thinking about getting it in my ipod.

  9. OMG! I loved this show. Too bad game show network won't air these during a special marathon!!

  10. If it's on tape, then he probably needs extra equipment to digitize the video.

  11. I'm not sure what you mean PTH. Air it once in a marathon and keep your Tivo's handy!

  12. i think u mean vids from shows that r owned by any company except viacom. LOL (i say that because unfortunately gameshowkid's original veoh channel got removed)

  13. Wow, I never thought I'd see this on here. I only remember this vaguely, but it is a sight to see again!

  14. This show was originally intended for syndication, and was to be hosted by Peter Tomarken from "Press Your Luck". Not enough stations signed on, so this along with "Super Jeopardy!" were put back to back on the ABC primetime schedule in the summer of 1990, with Mike Reilly, a former "Jeopardy!" contestant, hosting "Monopoly".

  15. True, and if there were it would've been produced by Sony Pictures Television.

  16. True, and if there were it would've been produced by Sony Pictures Television.

  17. Been a long time that I've seen this game show.

  18. I think this show would make it today. And I don't think GSN would air it unless it was a marathon because there were only 7 episode aired.

  19. I heard when this show first premeired it was supposed to be syndicated, but not enough stations signed on. So ABC just aired it on a series of Saturdays during the summer. I also remember that Super Jeopardy was on right after it. In the first round questions were worth $500,$1000,$1500,$2000,$2500 and in the second round questions were worth $1000,$2000,$3000,$4000,$5000!

  20. This was a pretty good show game-wise. Unfortunately, the host was one of the worst I've ever seen, and the theme song was irritating.

  21. Anyone have an mp3 or download of the catchy theme song?

  22. notice how the monopoly sign lights up like jeopardy did

  23. They were taped at Hollywood Center Studios, too? That's where "Jeopardy!" was taped from 1985 to 1994.

  24. LMAO! i remember this as clear as day. i was like 4 years old at the time. eating marconi and cheese. i thought this was my imagination.

  25. How many game shows did merv create? I know he created crosswords, monopoly, jeopardy, and wof, but any others I am missing?? Thanks

  26. Cool set. Vanna must have been exhaused doing two shows. 🙂

  27. @arhsmacdude Merv also created "Click" which was hosted by a young Ryan Seacrest.

  28. @80musik80 : Similar to the famous Elvis Presley's "Hound Dog".

  29. @tnawcwvictoria RIP indeed. Most of my childhood was spent watching Wheel, so it will be weird to watch it without his voice opening the show.

  30. Besides Click, he created a show called Ruckus.

  31. @AngeLBarraganJR is that True? I had the idea for a Monopoly game show with Kennedy as host and a CGI-animated version of Uncle Pennybags

  32. This would've worked fine as a syndicated game show.

  33. @AngeLBarraganJR Actually I see it as a companion to Family Game Night.

  34. Such a terrible theme song. the lyrics are just one word, spelled out.

  35. Yeah… I could see the Hub airing something like this. 🙂

  36. The game show itself was utterly forgettable as a concept, (how do you condense four hours of gameplay into one half hour show?) But the theme song stuck with me; I can't play this game at all anymore without that theme playing in my head, "I'm-a-just-a-visitin…"

  37. This Monopoly clue and answer game show should’ve kept going with Billy Gardel as host of that version instead his other Monopoly Millionaires club or Regis Philbin hosting it

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