Monopoly Game trailer preview -

Monopoly Game trailer preview

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This is the game trailer of the Monopoly Game for the PC

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ISO – ?

Alcohol 52% –

No CD – ?


  1. I remember playing this game and looking at this video in early-2010s. Good times.

  2. I did not think any one would watch this 🙂 LOL

  3. i dont like monopoly on the computer, they always steal money from the bank

  4. I think that's called "Passing Go". Seriously, what the hell are you talking about?

  5. OMG i remember playing this version of monopoly on my pc! belive it or not, i found this game as a prize in a cereal box! yes, that's right…i found this game in a CEREAL BOX!

  6. I also found this game in a cereal box, when I was like 5.I still have it.

  7. 0:14 – Could it be?The old Monopoly I got when I traded Here And Now with my cousin Stephen?

  8. You are now having an panic attack due to this vid…

  9. @OroInvictus

    I am pretty sure this is on amazon for sale. I put a link to it in the video description. If you don't think that is it. I guess i could upload the iso of mine some place.

  10. wow i used to play this game
    i dont have it anymore

  11. @OroInvictus
    Sure, i'll put a link in the description soon.

  12. I have mine since 2001-2002. It was in a General Mills Cereal Box; (Cheerios i think). I never stopped playing Monopoly since then, im addicted to this game.

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