Monopoly Gamer Board Game: How To Play, Review & Runthrough - Mario Kart! -

Monopoly Gamer Board Game: How To Play, Review & Runthrough – Mario Kart!

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Monopoly Gamer Board Game Review & Runthrough
Nintendo’s Mario Kart / Mario Party The Board Game

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Monopoly has divided households, opinions and the world for decades with people either loving the game, playing competitively, house ruling it to suit their family or simply just because they love the randomness of the dice roll.

Modern Board Games often criticise Monopoly for its long play time, poor risk management and skewered dice rolls.

Beneath the layers and surface of the game, there is an economic driven idea that thrives on capitalism and inequality between rich and poor.

Nintendo have now combined with Hasbro and released a version of Monopoly for the nostalgic Nintendo and Monopoly fans. With its new tweaked rule and game mechanics, Hasbro have reinvented the game of Monopoly to make players feel like you are playing your favourite characters from Nintendo throughout its extensive history including Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, Toad, Wario, Yoshi, Diddy Kong and more…

Just like in Real Life, these characters have been brought to life to liven and reimagine the Monopoly experience in a different way.

In this video we examine the differences between Monopoly Gamer and the classic Monopoly Board Game and see which is better. Does Monopoly Gamer live up to the current standards in modern board gaming or does it fail miserably at the wayside.

Watch this video and find out.

The Board Game Sanctuary is a family friendly board game channel that aims to introduce the board gaming hobby to new and seasoned players in a light, fun and humourous way.


  1. OK, so got into a very long agreement back some rules in the game. Well in Monopoly Gamer edition there aren't many rules and doesn't explain everything.

    So question one when you own properties and you turn one over you sell it and get the face vale of the card BUT do you still keep the properties when you turn them over to get the money. Then come your turn you pay face value again to flip it back over and you can start collecting rent again?

    I just need a clarification when you sell your properties to the bank does that mean you lost it and next person that lands on it can buy it?

    In original monopoly you can turn your properties over after you sold all house and get money for it BUT you still own it so come your turn again you have to pay the original price + 10% tax and you can collect rent or build houses. In gamer edition on the card it says sell it to back at face value so does the bank own it and anyone can buy it if they land on it? Or do you still own it just have to pay face value to flip the card back around to collect rent?

    So when the game ends it says add up all the point from your properties does that include the ones you turned over for money later in the game or they don't count because I don't own it anymore the bank does because it says you sold it to the bank?

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  3. I'm early, yay ! Great content as always 😀

  4. I actually own the game.
    This is the Collectors Edition.
    There are differences between the Standard and Collectors Sets!
    So before Deciding you should look at the differences.

  5. I would agree, my nephew had a lot of fun with this and great for the family game night… rules light and quick play:-)

  6. 3:35 You put Yoshi in jail! Argh! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS!! He was innocent!

  7. When you at the last boss (Bowser Jr.) You pay 5 coins and if you fail Bowser Jr keeps the coins so my question is this…Yoshi starman ability is to collect all the coins on the board so does that include Bowser Jr. As well? Please someone answer me I been trying to get an answer.

  8. Seriously those characters Are supposed to be in a video game not a board game!!!!!!!

  9. Great review man! Entertaining and informative, but sadly you didn't answer questions that are burning in my cranium. I have read the rules a few times but these remain a mystery to me.
    1. If you are in jail and choose not to pay or simply cannot because of lack of funds the 5 coin release fee can you still use the power die taking coins and striking opponent's from your confinement? For game balance I think yes, yet logically of course I think no.
    2. If you draw a green shell and happen to be on the same space as another player, does that player automatically get hit? Or does it go round the board thrown in front (or if yoshi) behind the current occupied space?
    3. What happens if you're broke? I had a super bad start with Mario of all characters and ended up with no money or properties very early in the game, still I got hit and landed on rent… I couldn't pay so just did nothing and didn't make any iou's which my friends weren't too happy about as they felt they were losing out on coins. Is this correct or should I be in debt to characters until I get coins?
    4. And lastly where can I buy the extra characters? I'm loving the game but am currently living in Turkey, I bought the normal edition without realising there was a special one with BOWSER as a playable character! I see the last boss battle card has changed in that version too, well I mean bowser vs bowser would be a bit strange.
    Anyway love the review and subscribed! If you know any of these answer I would appreciate the knowledge as I play the game frequently and these tiny issues are irritating to an otherwise fun fueled game!

  10. alguien que me lo traduzca en español

  11. I’m 4 minutes in, but you didn’t explain what happens if you loose the boss fight

  12. Why isn’t luigi a peice for the set?

  13. is it this edition and kart (its sequel) that use the full plastic coins and all others use the cardboard coins, or is it only this one using the plastic coins?

  14. There's No Daisy, Toadette, Waluigi or Koopa Troopa. Which is what sucks about the game.

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