Monopoly GO! | How to ALWAYS win tournaments! -

Monopoly GO! | How to ALWAYS win tournaments!

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  1. I made a mistake in the video: you should join LATE not EARLY as it will increase your chances of winning in the tournament significantly. Don't believe me? Try it out!

  2. Should you win with the bare minimum bc if you win with alot you get placed with people that also get that same amount if points

  3. Tournaments are where it's at. Just jumped from 390 ish to 600 today by getting 2nd in a Tournaments. Got 600 rolls. Wait until bank heist is active. Then roll x50. Ull easily level up. And the multiplier makes it easier to get the bonuses. Now I'm in 1st place for the daily Tourny. And used 2k rolls w no cash spent

  4. You basically giving them access to your phone and putting your Information in a key logger they gonna attempt to rob you

  5. the problem in the tournament, I am 5th with 3000 points… the first place has over 5000, I invested all my dices for this and it just frustrating

  6. No narration… As if the so called music covers up for that. So the comments say you scam. Giggle

  7. How can i get my reward in the tournament?

  8. Damn been playing for around a week, and just got first place in a tournament, got 25m and 2.5k dice

  9. I always get 1st,2nd or 3rd in tournament's now i found out the method by accident tho

  10. Bank heist is predicted, it doesnt matter where u click 👍🏻 i just checked it and i can proof u the same

  11. The winners get a surprise 1 gold got. Surprise.

  12. Do you know that everything in Monopoly Go is predetermined. There is no strategy here in Heist. The steps you do or rings u get is predetermined or fixed.

  13. does the placing of the other people remain the same?

  14. The bank heists are predetermined. So it doesnt matter what tile u flip over.

  15. Fun fact the heists are pre determined it doesn’t matter what order/ cards you pick it will always show the same item it’s just a preset order for coins, cash, rings choosing doesn’t change anything

  16. Just because they predetermined doesnt mean the point still applies, the corners can still suck.

  17. Lmao my four corners always do the trick for me. It's always the four corners for me and then the two right in the middle.

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