Monopoly Google Stadia Gameplay | Great Game For The Family? -

Monopoly Google Stadia Gameplay | Great Game For The Family?

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Monopoly Gameplay On Google Stadia. We take a first look at the title and see if it’s a game you and the family can enjoy. Special thanks to Ubisoft for providing a key.

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  1. This game just made me order a new controller

  2. Thanks again for this in game review! Think I’m gonna pick this up for myself and family. Should be fun for the kiddos but I feel like I’m depriving them of getting mad and throwing the game pieces, money and board like I did as a child.

  3. If it was cross play would definitely buy I can hardly fine games on nba 2k20 with people lol

  4. Played it the other night, didn't realize that I ended up playing it for 2 hours and the ai really does cheat 🤔

  5. Awesome video! Thank you. Love your videos.

  6. Played it a lot so far. It's fun and time just vanishes away. Only gripe would be that the AI harasses the hell out of you when they want one of your properties, spamming the same or similar trade requests on every turn. It's best played with real people.

  7. Gen Alpha Toy Reviews and Adventures says:

    Should I buy this for $10?

  8. When you see the piece jump forward to a property like that, it’s usually when you are playing “speed die”. If a little man comes up, the token will automatically be moved to the next available property.

  9. The AIs are no challenge
    As long as you're willing to trade , even a utility they will sell you anything especially the property to complete a group and at $25 below market value (Hard ones need to be $5 below) Even if you have the csh to build 3 houses

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