Monopoly Grab & Go Board Game Unboxing -

Monopoly Grab & Go Board Game Unboxing

Markis Pea Welby
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One other thing I forgot to mention: the pieces are a serious choking hazard.


  1. You need to read the instructions.
    The board is a sticker

  2. But I already bought this and it was great. Sorry bro!

  3. I just bought this. Now all I need is someone to play with ;-;

  4. what is the sticker can you just see I have one just like one it’s like it

  5. bro it’s like a sticker of the board is like a sticker I just haven’t gone and I just figure out like that like do you hear that song

  6. His game bored isn’t the same as mine and your supposed to take the back of and it sticks on the bored

  7. Your my fav unboxer so…… Please do more unboxing….😊and I'm not bashing i just see your other videos that is few viewed but the monopoly is big viewers so….do more unboxing thank you😊

  8. i let my mini monopoly in my grandparents house so i can play with my cousins when i'm bored, i have the classic one and the credit card one in my house

  9. El mio no es grab&go es juegos de viaje :V

  10. Hi I'm new and really enjoy this vid also like to lol we're ever you bought that ripe you of I bought one and my one has everything you need just like the original

  11. I got it for 9 dollars and 90 cents its pretty cheap

  12. Read the instructions. The game board is a sticker

  13. Ita an interesting idea but I think I'll stick to Monopoly for Nintendo Switch for when I travel. Less to lose & I can always play agents the NPC if no one is available to play with.

  14. 1935: AHH ITS TOO BIG

  15. Funny story,the couple infront of me had this to buy at the CCK Popular in singapore. I got the regular version as its well,the original! Too bad for the couple infront of me in the queueing line will have a rough time! (Its duplicated for some reason after checking…)

  16. I have an idea to make this better. Change the paper game board to a sticker that would go onto the face of the folding board. Then have 2 clear plastic panels for the face to make the stickers last longer. After that include a full set of chance and community chest cards like they did with the properties. The houses and hotels look too few for comfort as there should be more. It’s more limited with the amount given. Next would be cardboard or plastic card holders or cases so you can keep them together without damaging them. This game could have been good as a miniature if they handled it a little different.

  17. What if you pull the board off that sticky sheet it comes off like a sticker

  18. Well I plan to play monopoly in the airport so I will bring a maga one.

  19. No behind the monopoly there is a sticky part you have to peel it off

  20. I brought this to the last day of school and me and my friends played it 😂

  21. Monopoly Deal is more fun for on a train or plane

  22. They should just have printed the monopoly board on that plastic box it would have been better 😊

  23. This is how many times he said You Could Lose That

  24. The board is the sticker peel and stick

  25. In Poundland, there is a keychain monopoly, it’s really better.

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