Monopoly HD, World of Goo Games for iPad (Review) -

Monopoly HD, World of Goo Games for iPad (Review)

Mike Flaminio
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Two games for the iPad. Monopoly HD is the classic board game brought to the iPad. The game allows single player, tabletop, or Bluetooth multiplayer gaming.

World of Goo is a pretty cool puzzle type game where you need to direct goo balls towards the goal.


  1. haha my iPad is lying next to me, but it's out of juice, can you tell me how much they charge for W.o.G in the AppStore?


  2. @RWLTouch

    I live in Sweden and I just checked the price.. In Sweden it's 38SEK (thats $6,15)
    $10 would be 67,52SEK So I guess we get it a bit cheaper than you guys =P

  3. @HELLPINAVENGER If the developer gives me a promo code, I wouldn't have paid for it.

  4. this video is full of "thats what she said" jokes lol 😀

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  6. I buy this game Singapore dollar 12 dollars. When I open this game can't touch nothing. Can't play
    I spent money for what PlZ help me

  7. +lego builder Find an English teacher and then "build a house on four houses".

  8. i dont know how to put down houses someone please help me out

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