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Monopoly House Rules:
1. Each player starts with 2 properties (players can’t start with utilities, railroads, or monopolies)
2. No Chance or Community Chest. Non-property and non-Go spaces are Free Parking.
3. Blind auction when someone lands on unowned property.
4. No mortgaging. You must have enough liquid cash to pay rent.
5. The game ends when one player goes bankrupt.



  1. Crazy how many people are simply hating on this. Yikes

  2. Casual player: Man, this game sucks! It's too random!The very same casual player: *keeps using house rules that rewards players based on randomness rather than strategic thinking*

  3. well horrible ,the game is made to have luck involved ,if you want 100 percent logic play chess.

  4. Amazing Video Guys ! It's such a refreshing take on how 45 minutes of tiring game play can turn out to be a fascinating one simply by distributing property cards at the beginning 👌🏻 😀

  5. Even with the Quick Die, it still takes forever!

  6. That's how you call a "QUICK GAME"

  7. Without Community chest or Chance cards, you only get 2 ways to escape from Jail! $50 or Doubles! Also Chance cards will send you to a property often, that’s also the Heart Of Monopoly. And also, Jail can be a good thing. I never play with House rules.

  8. Monopoly is a great game if you stick to the core rules and don't do house rules like "pay taxes to the middle", "free parking gets money". It's fast and players get eliminated quickly. It's called Monopoly for a reason. Injecting money back into the game makes it take forever.

    Blind auction is interesting, but I've never seen auctions take too long and they're fun.

    How about the limiting collusion? Like "I'll trade Park Place for free rent on Railroads forever"

  9. I'm very impressed with these house rules! 😀 I super dislike Monopoly and it's probably on my number 1 spot of worst games in the world (second place probably goes to Game of Life). But these rules seem like they might actually work in making the game, at the very least, playable. Great video, great work!

  10. Someone posted on Reddit, not sure if it's someone from the video, so I decided to post my opinion here too. Not that it's super important or anything, but liked the idea of the video enough while disagreeing with some points made:

    The rule #3, instead of adding decisions to the game, removes most of the decisions & strategy. If you land on a house, you have to decide if it's worth for you to buy it, either because you want, or because you really want to not start an auction for it where another player would try to get it. And if you let it go to auction, then everyone has a decision to make: Do I try to up the price for the one guy that really wants it or not? And if you buy it, or win the auction instead of the one person that would be really interested in it, then it's a good trade opportunity.

    I'm also not quite sure about the #1, I think it does not change a lot of things except even the first player can hit a property already owned in its first turn. But it is as random as just doing your first turn.

    The #4, I like that if you go bankrupt, everything goes to the bank. It helps against the snowball effect for the winner. Removing mortgage though, it means investing in houses/hotels become a bad thing, since right after it, unless you're already a runaway leader, you're quite short on cash and might be forced to loose while you're supposed to be on a good position with lots of property and, for example, a monopoly on houses. Instead of limiting a snowball effect, it more or less is a rubber banding effect with extreme consequence. Basically, making decision to win increase your chance to lose randomly, which is the opposite idea of removing the random cards.

    #5 basically clears the problem of long games, and the player elimination was really bad in this game, so good one.

    So yeah, I think #5 should be in the official rules, half of #4 too, I agree for #2, #1 I don't see the point but it changes nothing, so why not, and #3 is just a bad idea in my opinion.

  11. You kind of described the Short Game Rules for some aspects. The blind auction is probably the best rule. Also I'm tired of hearing people say Monopoly takes forever. It doesn't. It takes at most 2 hours and the fastest game I've seen played is 45 minutes. Is it one of the best games of all time? No. Is there a lot of random chance? Yes, but any game with dice is going to have some randomness to it. This video comes off as pompous and a bit rude to be honest. I was hoping to hear of some fun house rules for Monopoly. I got some though, but the condescending nature of this video is just a downer.

  12. In my house, we have a few house rules. For example:

    1. All taxes go to the middle of the board, not the bank. If you land on free parking, you get that money.
    2. If you pass GO, you get $200. But if you LAND on GO, you get $400.
    3. We do do the blind auction thing.
    4. The "Go to Jail" spot is just a second "Free Parking" spot, but you don't get the money in the middle if you do that.
    5. You can trade with other people even if it's not your turn.
    6. Once all the properties are taken in a certain color, you can increase the rent cost on all three of them to up to 20% higher. However in doing so, the price to put houses and hotels on becomes up to 20% more expensive for the person who owns them.
    7. No mortgages. If they run out if money, the properties are auctioned off using blind auction.
    8. We have a timer set for an hour and a half. Even if not a single person is bankrupt by this time, the game is over. The person with the most money and property value wins.
    9. You have to roll doubles 4 times in a row to go to jail, not three. And you can still make money and trade and stuff from jail.

  13. I’m at least not going to listen to one of the House rules

  14. Our Rules

    1. Start with $200
    2. No buying… Chance. .. Community Chest..Jail..till you go around the board once.
    3. Must own 2 properties before you can build houses.
    4. Must build even.
    5. All money payed to bank from Luxery Tax… Chance cards ect. My at be place in center of board. 6. If you land on Free Parking collect money from center.
    7. If you break.. you can sell your token (Ship…. Car..) for a predetermined amount…to buy one of lesser value.
    8.Borrow up to $200 from bank without paying it back.
    9.Ganging up on another player is ok…

  15. If you land in your own property, what do you do? Me? Bank should pay me rent eheheh

  16. Chances and community chests are amazing. Your rule sucks.

  17. How I play it is the free parking is treated as if play that square you get all of n the center

  18. Very good job gamer dudes. You are not a boomer

  19. Here's my house rules in monopoly, hope you will like this.

    Rule: 1 Die Only
    You can only use 1 die. If you reach 'GO!' or 'Jail', you’re back to normal 2 dice

    Edit: #2 Rule: Free Parking Property Seller
    Free parking will teleport you to the low rented unowned property.

    #3 Rule: Speed Jail
    If your in jail, you only can only skip 1 turn and after that you will be forced to pay.

    #4 Rule: Take it or not?
    If player denied your offer, you’re not allowed to offer again at the same player (counter offer is allowed but once in turn). Wait until your next turn to do another offer.

    #5 Rule: Double Trouble
    If someone pass 'GO!' 20 times, the payment will be x2 (whether it's for bank or player).

    Hope you like it <3

    Edit 2: Ik some of the title of the my house rules is cringey so plz add suggestion for the titles thx

  20. I dont know what your thinking with rule 2. This game is fore fun with friends and familly not beeing a try hard.

  21. fasted game was 16 mins cuz my apponet bought all the hotels

  22. Actually i use only the monopoly rules its better

  23. No it isn't poorly designed, it has just the right amount of challenge to make it fun. the house rules make it harder than it should be, and longer than it is. (with the exception of the hasbro approved house rules version which is built for this in mind)

    The electronic ones make it inherently harder to cheat, you can't use house rules, and with the voice banking one Mr Monopoly will know everything and anything you do

    And with voice banking no counteroffers on trades, no flipping title deed cards face down into mortgage position, hotel/house sales work differently due to only 20 pieces of property.

  24. I saw this post on a reddit post (r/monopoly) and most of his ideas are great.

    1. When player land on Free Parking, player MUST pick a property for the bank to auction.

    2. If a player lands directly on Go, he or she has the right to not collect their $200 and instead move their game piece to any place on the board.

    3. If all players are in JAIL then game is over. (Best for 3 – 6 players)

    4. Blind Auction

    5. Player will pay the rent twice if player roll a double.

    6. If the game ran out of chance and community chest then all properties rent will be multiplied by 2.

    7. If player land on opponent's mortgage property then player can buy the property to the opponent who owns the property same as the original price of the property. Opponent are not allowed to refuse this action. The money will goes to the opponent.
    Reason: Most of players choose to mortgage the uncompleted set of property so it's a great thing if player wants to complete their set.

    8. If player roll a double then player can choose to escape opponent from the prison or take another turn.
    Reason: In order to avoid players who farming money while at jail.

  25. If I don't have enough money should I sell title deed cards or no

  26. bruh if anyone is ruining the game its you

  27. Winners keep winning the winners keep winning obviously you need to look up the term Monopoly

  28. We just made it easier and faster, if all properties in that color group was already purchased, no matter who owns it, they can put their house or hotel.

  29. The electronic ones are more fun as they are inherently harder to cheat at, and they are also inherently harder to do house rules with.

    I can get games done well below 2 hours as Mr Monopoly for voice banking knows all and sees all that is going on, the flaw with him is he's unable to recognize certain words like Ventnor , I have found tricking him into saying another word/property and keeping the game going helps with play until he says your bankrupt (where he will than prompt you to give up the last card, he will take your balance, the game will be over, you will have a winner declared) and you lose.

    The bank card users.users of the millions scale where everything is multiplied by M10,000 will have their games end when the banking units (the small calculator from the first electronic edition, and the fat bodied one from here and now the world's 2008 electronic set, and ultimate banking from 2015) beep 4x to indicate that bank card has gone bankrupt which will mean that players game is over. in the first two situations that is true, for ultimate banking it isn't because as soon as one card goes bankrupt with the traditional store card reader unit/its ATM the game will immediately stop there and than regardless of where the others are during it.

    There is a house rules edition licensed by hasbro officially, that one I would say is legal from a standard set and can be just as fun. in all other situations it just adds unneeded time and consumes gameplay by hours

  30. Mortgaging makes the game faster. It's how good players build houses right away.

  31. Here's my house rule to play monopoly. Don't. Simple.

  32. One house rule I made up is get a spare token and die. If you land on GO, you get to decide where the token starts. When choosing spot, nothing happens. (Example: If you start on a property, you can't buy it) After your turn, you roll the spare die and move the token the number on the die. When you land on a property you can buy it. When you land on your property, you receive that amount of rent that it's entitled to. If your property has 3 houses or more, you receive the amount of rent shown here (Browns-Light Blues, Hotels. Pinks-Oranges, 4 Houses. Reds-Yellows, 3 Houses. Greens-Dark Blues, 2 Houses). If you land on Chance or Community Chest you draw a card and do what it says unless it tells you that you have to pay money. When it tells you to pay money, you receive that amount of money. Same with Income Tax and Luxury Tax. If you land on an opponent's property, nothing happens. The token goes away after three turns. I'll answer any questions that you have.

  33. Is Monopoly great again? It definetely makes more sense now so I'd say its ok as well.

  34. might as well make your own board at this point

  35. Monopoly is even more disastrous if players like you make up the house rules shown in the video without knowing how a Monopoly game or match actually works.

  36. You shouldn't change the game like that. Because;

    The Monopoly game was invented 92 years ago to show how bad capitalism is. As the name implies, "monopoly". Those who manage to monopolize get rich, and money brings more money. Others get poorer and worse off. Properties, rent and mortgage prices in the game, the settlements according to the dice probabilities (going to jail, chance cards teleporting you to a place, etc.) are designed accordingly.

    There are various ways to invest. If you say let me get ahead by taking risks and building before anyone else, even if the return is low, you will build in brown. You build in the sky to earn the release. If other good cities are full and you have to, you will build in magenta. You give up on other things to monopolize on orange for perfect profit. If you are an average investor you will build in red and yellow. If you get caught up in the lure of the market and build in green, you will likely lose the game while you think you will win a lot. If you say let me take risks and ruin my opponents in one go, you build in dark blue.

    "This game is not fair! it takes too long!" theses are not true. Yes, justice deteriorates as the game progresses, but from the very beginning everyone starts under completely equal conditions. There are even those who think that the first roll of the dice is very lucky and try to make a rule that "property cannot be bought without turning the whole field 1 turn" in order to consolidate the initial equality, and try to further equalize the initial single dice roll chance with about 6 dice rolls. If we think that the game is unfair and we think that we are providing justice for ourselves, or if we make changes because it takes a long time, we remove the chance cards and remove the mortgage system; Then the real injustice occurs.

    I ask you if you take out the chance cards and therefore the "advence token to board walk" (dark blue 2 destination) card as you did, do you know what happens to the player who invested in dark blue by taking a risk?

    Let me explain in numbers. There are 40 destinations in the game. If there were equal chances, it would be 2.5% each. But it is scattered between 1.99% and 2.95% in the game. Don't let the numbers be too small for you. This is a huge difference. Optimum 2.5% and moving away from it in positive and negative directions. Darkblue2 has a 2.44% probability in the original game. It is the 20th of 40 stations. This is a good rate and therefore you take this risk and invest in darkblue. If we remove the chance cards like you did, darkblue2 drops to 39th (yes "thirty-nine"!) instead of 20. So what happens if this expensive and risky investment is made? The player loses almost certainly! This is the most obvious example. Dozens of examples like this can be presented. Trainways, tax penalties, penalties and rewards on cards… It is set close to optimum, although it is a chance factor.

    As for the claim that the game takes a long time;

    You say that the initial title deed purchase took 1 hour. In our 4-6 person tournaments, we complete the purchase of 25-26 of 28 deeds in 15 minutes. This is enough to proceed to the clearing phase. It rarely takes longer than 15 minutes. How Does? During these processes, everyone wants to take everywhere. Rarely, utilities and green deeds may go for auction, which does not prolong the duration. When a player rolls the dice and moves forward, the next player rolls the dice and moves forward, no need to wait for the previous player to pay and get the change. In this way, we finish it quickly in 15 minutes. Passing this part of the game fast does not detract from the fun. The most enjoyable part is the trade offers and after. After 15 minutes, trade offers are started and you do not need to rush from this point. Trade offers are discussed for about 10-15 minutes and trade is completed. Players buy houses. And the dice are rolled again. After that, an average of 30-50 minutes is played and the game is over. A monopoly game takes 60-80 minutes. And that way, you can play 3 times on an evening meeting with your friends instead of a single game that lasts for hours. In this way, there are 3 different competitions and you will have a much more enjoyable evening.

    After all this explanation I would like to point out that

    Of course, you can play the game as you wish. But without knowing the background facts, statistical adjustments, you cannot say words like "Terrible! It has unnecessary rules, unnecessarily long" for a game that has existed for 92 years. (The most sold and played board game after chess and backgammon)

    If you play by its rules and the main thing is that you don't invent house rules that prolong the game, which is unnecessary (collecting penalties from the free parking, getting money on 1-1 dice, getting $ 400 when you stop at Go..), Monopoly is a highly organized, optimal, and very fun game.

    If there is something you disagree with or something you want to ask, you can reply to this comment. Hopefully, you'll pin this important informational comment to the headline. People should learn that the original game did not last as long as thought and its rules were logical. After watching your video and reading this comment, they can play as they wish. I assure you it is very enjoyable to play by the original rules.

    Sincerely, Yusuf Abdullah (professional monopoly player)

  37. 3 houses then a hotel is the easiest way to make more rent

  38. In monpoly what is mean by move three spces etc

  39. I'm thinking of implementing a crazy rule where you can put 1 house if you own 1 property and 2 houses each if you own 2 properties, and then you can build out once you have the set. Makes the decision of mortgaging a bit harder even though you'd still be allowed to. Also just gets the housing market going before the 30 minute mark of the game.

    Another rule that kinda coincides, you sell houses for their cost – $50 instead of half. So the expensive properties, you get more money back, (200 – 50 = 150 for blue and green) and the cheapest ones are a total loss (50 – 50) if you are trading or selling you have to sell your houses back to the bank first. It's more of an adjustment to make the other rule work better.

  40. The issue with why Monopoly is so long and tedious is because people invent house rules. Sure there is a lot of chance involved especially at the start but you can’t have what’s a going here with taking out randomness and then still allowing dice randomness to just be the only luck factor. Jail is a good space because you still get rent in jail and you can get out of rent paying for 3 turns

  41. Dear people at R2i games.
    I have improved many games with a house rule or three. For Monopoly I have two…

    Income tax requires you to pay 10% of your wealth, but calculating your wealth is slow and a pain in the butt. I say that you must pay, 10% of cash on hand, plus $5 for every house, and $25 for every hotel.

    Much faster.

    The second rule is that if someone goes bankrupt they are not allowed to sell everything they own to a third party for $1 and then pay you all they own (the $1). They can trade and deal all they want, and if they come up with the full rent, then they are fine. But if they CAN'T pay the rent in full, you get everything they owned, when they went bankrupt.

    However, I really like your rules. If I play Monopoly again, I'll suggest them.

    Warm regards, Rick

  42. I bought a monopoly game that is themed after my small town and had was trying to create some of my own rules that doesn't make the game suck. These are better than what I had come up with. THANK YOU!

  43. 1:20 Getting rid of that is a pretty dumb mistake to make. Sure, it's random if you'll land on a Chance or Community Chest space, but since you always have to take the card from the top and put it on the bottom of the deck, this means that the cards appear on a specific order. This is relevant for when you want to build houses because of those 2 cards that make you pay money for each house/hotel you have, which can charge you $360~480 (or even more if you happen to have more than one monopoly). If 14 Community Chest cards have been drawn but none of them were the one that charges money for houses/hotels then you know that card is coming, so you should probably not build houses if you low in cash. And if you're low in cash and one of those cards (or both of them) are drawn in the next turn then you now know it's a good time to build houses, because that card won't show up again for a very good amount of time.

    Also, these cards are one of the reasons that there are the hot and cold sides of the board. Because of the cards that teleport the player to jail, nearest utility, Reading Railroad, Illinois Avenue and Saint Charles Place, the side with the $100 and $150 houses/hotels are landed more often, which means they give you more money than the monopolies in the cold side of the board. This is very relevant information in trades. If your opponent thinks the most expensive monopolies are better because they charge a bigger rent then you might manage to trade a green property of yours for an orange property.

    About the "go to jail" cards, unless you're using the house rule of not collecting rent when you're in jail, it's advantageous to try to stay in jail mid to late game when all properties have already been bought, for obvious reasons.

  44. Just toss a coin, why bother. heads I win, tails you lose. No skill here, just random chance? Let's play Tick Tack Toe as long as I get the first move. Not fun.

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