MONOPOLY - How to Beat Your Friends! -

MONOPOLY – How to Beat Your Friends!

Dan Brown
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A detailed guide as to best practices in the classic board game “MONOPOLY.” 1) Don’t make the game suck, 2) buy everything, 3) make smart trades, 4) time your development carefully!


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“Probabilities in the Game of Monopoly”

“Monopoly Strategy- How to Win Monopoly”


  1. every time I play monopoly, everyone else except me gets color sets or houses while I can never get any of those and then get murdered by my sister’s row of hotels

  2. I think I am a good player, I play Monopoly maybe 15 times and I lost only 5 times.

  3. losing the game intentionally is much better enjoyment than winning it. but you musn't tell anyone about this secret. make your friends happy.

  4. Sorry Ben, but i’m pretty sure I’m looking at J Carlin’s real brother from Super Carlin Bros.

  5. my dad, just played with me…. I lost, then, I got a headache. then I watched this video to learn more strategies and so I can beat my dad 🤣🤣🤣(My Headache went away) thanks so much

  6. I play with my friends on Xbox and it’s the late game is so much fun but other players don’t trade and the game just goes on and on. Even if you offer them everything they still don’t want it.

  7. I think it needs to be titled, "How to play your last game of Monopoly with friends"

  8. I won by owning all railroads. Everyone was constantly landing on them which gave me tons of money to buy properties and build on them.

  9. My monopoly has Mayfair with a hotel of 2000 pounds

  10. How to get infinite money in monopoly: Own all the properties, and donate all ur money to an opponent, so that they can last every time they land on a property. Then when they do another round they get another $200 from the bank and then donate all ur money to ur opponent. Then the cycle continues.

  11. I've always had the same strategy. Try to get all Pinks and Oranges. Along with that attempt to get all railroads and utilities. Reason is cause they're cheap to develop, theirs only 2 safe spaces in that row, facing the jail, both utilities can make you up to $120, and railroads can run up to $200. Also try to get the purples and light blues in the process cause they're cheap to develop and get hit alot!

  12. The biggest Problem of Monopoly is that your freinds play like idiots 😀
    Like sure i will give you the cards you need to have a full street just for some cash and garbage streets nobody needs

  13. When you win monopoly you lose all your friends

  14. DAM THIS IS POGOBAT!?I had no idea (although I recognized the Dan Brown name but dismissed it as, "that's just the name of the author of Da Vinci Code")

    DUDE POGOBAT I OWE TO YOU MY ABILITY TO SOLVE A RUBIKS CUBE AND THE WAY I CONVINCED PEOPLE IN HIGH SCHOOL/COLLEGE THAT I WAS SMART. Seriously, POGOBAT, thank you for your videos; you've been a legend to me from the beginning.
    Now I'm looking at Monopoly vids and BAM you're there.

    You, sir, are THE MAN

  15. winning monopoly is the biggest flex on family

  16. Always wait to place your bid on an auction property until someone else makes a bid and then bid one Higher.

  17. Me and my grandpa if you fall on the eye pay 200 and the ring 100 we put the money in the middle and we take it on free parking

  18. This is sort of what I did on my first game in monopoly plus a few hours ago early on I couldn't get properties simply got unlucky landing on chance and community however 1 player left so all their properties went to auction and I spent all my cash to get a yellow, dark blue, and rail road later on I got lucky landing on a few things like brown and for a while was being quite picky with trades I wanted at least a monopoly for a monopoly but I was trying to get more like the second utility and a railroad and another random property that I could use the bargain later he didn't take it but I also wasn't desperate both brown and dark blue had not been bought and if I landed on any I could build up before letting anyone else get a monopoly but the other guy gave a monopoly to another player which put a bit of a fire under my ass and I traded for the light blue set and the utilities and the other guy got yellows but I instant put 4 houses on them later on in a desperate situation I traded a railroad I got late game and a dark blue for the last brown so I could hog more homes and for a while no one else could build the most threatening property was a green with two houses, later on as I stockpiled money I traded 1 pink for 160 cash from one guy and then from a different man 500 for the last two that he had mortgaged and then I built them slowly granted I got unlucky and didn't bankrupt anyone but with me hogging the final player simply couldn't be a threat then super late game I traded 1000 for his dark blue set after that he got unlucky paying me 1500 quite quickly and then he disconnected I would've built houses on the d blues or pay 1000 for his railroads

  19. Ur lying i won without the trick in the thumbnail

  20. "Monopoly takes forever."

    *Laughs in Risk

  21. in Monopoly. the luck is 50/100 and the intellilance 50/100.

  22. 3:58 😂 Better head directly to APPENUP !! 🌏 should you know you really need it! 💚

  23. I thought that you cannot collect rent if you are in jail

  24. how to win: be lucky so you dont land on 5 opponent properties in a row

  25. My strat for Monopoly is, (i think its very good)
    Early Game: Get Trade Fauder so i can trade instead of losing presious Money, then i target the Greens and Dark Blues because of the Chance card that sends you to, in my version of Monopoly, Roscommon, the most expencive and the Greens because if i get them i can potentialy get to heavy blows on people with that side of the board.
    Mid game: With my Trade Fouder, i save up Money to buy Houses, and with those i quickly get more Money to buy More Houses and soon gain more places and put more Houses on those repeating that cycle untill the Late Game.
    Late Game: Jail Strat, Expand my Empire, Get Hotels and DESTROY MY ENEMIES! In the last game of Monoploy i played i came out with the Entire Board, all the Hotels and 25Million (the rest of the Money was in the Bank)

  26. I litterally feel like i just learned illegal information. I feel so powerful right now.

  27. The last time I played this particular game, I was the first player to go bankrupt……
    All my life before, that never happened before. My older sister brought her best friend, Paula, at that time to play, and she took all the fun, for me out of the game.
    That was about 20 years ago. Never played since.

  28. its ok i have a special technique and its called "stealing" i mean carefully taking your enemies money

  29. Even with house rules, Monopoly still doesn't take as long as Risk.

  30. This man's energy is so contagious and I love it

  31. You could purchase a second set of Monopoly and combine the money, add the hotels and houses; now you have extra player pieces, an extra board if ever needed, and a second copy of the rules. Use ziplock bags and now the bank will never run out of money

  32. "…if… you are lucky enough to find yourself in jail…" 😂

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