Monopoly in a Nutshell -

Monopoly in a Nutshell

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Want to know how to play Monopoly? Monopoly is a board game in which players travel round the game board, buying and trading properties, and developing them with houses and hotels, with the main aim being to bankrupt the other players. Monopoly is one of the world’s biggest board games, with several different variations and editions of the game.



outro song by Jachael123.


  1. OMG every time me and my family play monopoly, there is always one side of the board filled with hotels

  2. The rules are what you convince the others that the rules are

  3. I love d it wtf i just spent 10 minutes lying on by med

  4. "The more you learn, the more you Lamborghini"


  5. I was today years old when I realized his outro was September

  6. Man if only property costed 200 dollars in real life

  7. We were once playing and my brother went to jail 8 times in a row ans 16 times in total

  8. Fun fact, the go to jail chance card is a good thing. You don’t need to move and therefore cannot get fined for standing on someone else’s property while everyone else can give you money from your property

  9. The more you learn the more you Lamborghini 😂
    Nice one 👍

  10. There is a game called Communistopoly, in which ALL the “means of production” (money) gets re-shared with everyone after every round.

  11. This dude has made me laugh just as much as brew stew

  12. I love monopoly, cause it's one of the only board games I'm good at

  13. If you play Juniors Monopoly it later one of the cards literally insults you saying you ate too many sweets pay $20

  14. I think I once owned in one game:
    Both dark blues (with hotels)
    Both brwons (with hotels)
    Greens (with houses)
    Oranges (with houses
    Pinks (with houses)

  15. 1:52 my anniversary edition has a cat and its from 2006 or something

  16. Him talking about all the different versions of monopoly reminded me of the latvian version which had 2 stupidly powerful chance cards. One doubles your money and the other takes all of your money so the more chance cards that people pull without getting the bad one the more anxious they would get whenever they hit chance again.

  17. Cheap properties are great! You get them cheap and its not that much to get houses and hotels on them!

  18. They're like animes movies and game monopolies

  19. 4:21 Imagine having the railroad and electric company aswell

  20. Monopoly is rage u steal cash and its the best way to end ur friendship and if u love this game I wanna say saytin is a big fan

  21. Monopoly in a nutshell: 6 hour long game

  22. The demonstration of the whole side I did and I won after everyone they landed on it I would slowly own all the property’s so hehe

  23. 7:14 The go to jail card can actually be massively beneficial late game due to the fact that you don’t have to move while still being able to collect the rent from other players. It is also recommended by the official rules to NOT use the free parking rule as it prolonged the game and adds another element of luck to an already very luck based boardgame.

  24. If i forget how to play monopoly, i watch dis

  25. The rest of the world: Monopoly
    Soviet Union: Best way to go to gulag

  26. In my version of monopoly U need to give 100M to someone's Birthday

  27. So-I have been playing Monopoly wrong all my life?-

  28. Bruh we smart ass cousins was making out own rules

  29. Oh boy! I'm going to enjoy playing this with my friends and not get mad at each other when they buy the land I wanted the whole game

  30. i hate the fact they called a version:


    that physicaly hurts me.

  31. me with all the properties in jail: i get to stay here without consiquence.

  32. Spends money to buy a game that teaches you how sh*t your life REALLY is

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