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Monopoly in a Nutshell

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Want to know how to play Monopoly? Monopoly is a board game in which players travel round the game board, buying and trading properties, and developing them with houses and hotels, with the main aim being to bankrupt the other players. Monopoly is one of the world’s biggest board games, with several different variations and editions of the game.



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  1. There is a Polish rip-off version (or should I say, a variation) of Monopoly called "Biznes po polsku" (lit. "Polish style business"), which is pretty interesting, as it has such things as:
    -Properties that are actually different businesses, for example: Hot Dog stand, Second-hand, Minimarket, Taxi service or Dowser etc.
    -There are Professions (police officer, electrician, accountant etc.) that you can take and receive payment every time you pass them or someone stands on them.
    -There is an unemployment field, that if you land on it while having a profession, you go to a labour office in the middle for 1 turn and then you receive a welfare card with which you can get some money for passing the start field.
    -There are 2 Go to jail fields, one for smuggling and one for bank fraud.
    -The Jail and Free Parking fields are replaced by the Hospital field (where you have to wait 1 turn and pay 200 PLN, unless you have the insurance card, then you only wait) and the Tax Office that fines you 800 PLN for tax evasion.
    -There is the Political party field, where you can get a party card which allows you to become either the councilman, the senator or the parliament deputy, each receiving emoluments and "donations" from every player who will stand on their field (plus, parliament deputy can't go to jail and doesn't pay in the hospital)

  2. I can confirm that there is an Egyptian version for I am responsible for many bankrupt and misfortunes, in monopoly and real life, that's irrelevant tho.

  3. Wait, I thought this game was communist, it said it was so on the boxes…

  4. The player with 8 hotels: "I fear no man but that thing…"
    houses and hotels card
    "It scares me"

  5. i remember seeing a home bargains monopoly once…i bought it…

  6. I am laughing so hard rn i literally can't breathe. The first time i hit the subscribe button without the youtuber telling me to do it so good job 🙂

  7. In the Swiss edition of monopoly the dark blue property card Zürich Paradeplatz is with one hotel on the one property that casually pulls 40,000CHF from your pocket

  8. Bro I never said Death Valley I said death row

  9. if you have a lot of hotels the jail is actualy good because you dont' have the risk of lond in the enemy's property

  10. jail is like Terraria
    Early game you are annoyed by it, like a broken copper shortsword
    but late game you are thankful for it, like using said copper shortsword to make a zenith

  11. The community chest is worse then the chance cards for me

  12. our version of money is that at the start you dont get 1500 cash, but you get around 40000 and every time you pass the start you dont get 200 cash but 10000, if yu have a hotel and a player gets on it, it will get expencive up to 35000 cash

  13. 0:53: Animation used. Game pieces do not move on their own or speak

    what happened to have to SPECIFY that

  14. Sad fact: the original creator of monopoly was a women and she got no money nor credit for it

  15. "The more you learn, the more you Lamborghini"

    in a sense, it is not that wrong…

  16. You could almost say Hasbro owns a… Monopoly on the board game industry

  17. Also if u roll doubles you go then roll again but if u roll 3 doubles in a row u get sent to jail

  18. the more you learn
    the more you lamborghini


  19. one time i traded park place for a thousand dollars

  20. 2:40 Bro u s-hole its in the night and I have headphone on, I thought here is a mf mosquito.

  21. Monopoly ads make it look like family's are having fun but in our family last time we playd monopoly we ended up wrestling and knocking each other out

  22. Who needs collage when you've got a capitalism board game to teach you ecanomics?

  23. I know what to do just steal all and steal

  24. Who knows about the monopoly card game like if u do

  25. The best version on monopoly is clearly Monopoly: Essex edition

  26. 8:53 lets just say i have better luck the dream in minecraft and i have rolled doubles to get out

  27. In home bargains I saw a home bargains monopoly

  28. Simp for Giyu Tomioka, Megumi and 34 others says:

    *Me who bought Monopoly speed cause I heard that it takes so long to finish the original monopoly and decides to watch this video in hopes of learning only to find out that the rules for monopoly speed and the original monopoly are different so you just sit there and laugh at this video cause its funny and at yourself cause you still know nothing* : 👁💧👄💧👁✨

  29. I now know that where i live its 45 degrees

  30. There’s a monopoly based on my home town too

  31. Monopoly is also the only game where you can have 4 train station s 3 house well being a hat

  32. In our monopoly in the pass go you don't money

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