Monopoly in a Nutshell -

Monopoly in a Nutshell

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Want to know how to play Monopoly? Monopoly is a board game in which players travel round the game board, buying and trading properties, and developing them with houses and hotels, with the main aim being to bankrupt the other players. Monopoly is one of the world’s biggest board games, with several different variations and editions of the game.



outro song by Jachael123.


  1. 1:49 great part definitely go watch it a million times that part is great 👍

  2. 8:53 but if you in jail you can't get double
    If you not in jail you have 69.69% of chance to get dumb double

  3. me: just had to sell 3 properties, am in debt, and another player just got boardwalk and park place

    me passing go knowing that everyone else will in a turn or 2: haha you broke bitches gimme my $200

  4. no one gonna talk about how true the passing go part was lol

  5. Here’s a simpler version.

    Going Bankrupt and crying for 3 days straight.

  6. My family always called it "Satan's Sidewalk"

  7. EnderIsaac {Your Unlocal Thigh Enthusiast} says:

    I remember playing this at a Christmas party when I was in like 3rd grade. We had no idea what the rules were, and since there was only like two boards split between around 29 kids we just buddied up. Each player had a personal banker, which would just hold onto the money. They did nothing else. I also kinda remember picking the wheel burrow.

  8. "the more you learn, the more you lamborghini"

  9. that tai lopez skit was so fucking funny. i just expected the normal KNOWLEDGE

    shit caught me off guard

  10. Noones gonna talk about how bankers mysteriously always have enough money for everything?

  11. honestly, thats pretty genius, i created death valley and its satisfying as the 1.5k money rolling to you

  12. For double it's so easy and I only went to jail about 21 times and I've won 43 times and I got 32 doubles

  13. Gay monopoly and fornite monopoly are the same things

  14. Glad to know I’m not the only one that calls the expensive lane “Death Valley”

  15. I'd make a joke about Monopoly getting into Smash, but Crash Bandicoot still hasn't joined so I won't say shit until that happens

  16. Monopoly world: buy Many Cities
    Normal Monopoly:

  17. Oh god the last one is just so true. I always buy all of the train stations

  18. I landed there I got on free parking

  19. I've learned everything and nothing at the same time.

  20. Our family has a game called “Strathroyopoly”

  21. I'm always chosen as the banker for some reason lol
    Jail in late game = basically only peace you'll get

  22. Got to keep it in mind that the brown properties are shit whole crack dens

  23. In my version of the game you have to roll a double to get out of jail. So you can be in jail for 10 moves straight. Which becomes the end game strategy in avoiding the Death Valley.
    Which also means get out of jail card is useless af!

  24. Once I played a game where we ran out of 100s in the bank as well as ones and I won with 3,080

  25. I have the Guardians of the Galaxy monopoly.

  26. easy way to speed up the game is to just shuffle and deal the properties at the start, then trade for monopolies. makes games like 2 hours tops.

  27. ever since i gained my perfect strategy that I'm not willing to tell anyone, I haven't lost a game.

  28. we need the communism side of this game

  29. Yesterday I played monopoly and we forgot to buy/auction the brown cards because no one wanted it, the yellow and the green ones tho…

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