Monopoly: iOS / Android Gameplay Part 1 (by Marmalade Game Studio) -

Monopoly: iOS / Android Gameplay Part 1 (by Marmalade Game Studio)

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  1. I wanted to see what the in-app purchases are seems it's a paid app to begin with & u didn't show that & point out all the prices & for what it's for etc. Please can u make a video about that?

  2. I want to download the original Monopoly App and it is no longer available. That sucks! I had it and erased it, now I wanted back.

  3. All of my online matches crash after starting them, I'm not going to ask for a refund because this game only has some time on the store so I hope they fix the online since it's the only reason I bought this

  4. Game trash, crashes too often, especially when I’m about to win

  5. Auction is good when you both have low cash!

  6. What's wrong with the dice? At 1:42, the Car is on Go and rolls 8. It ends up on St-Charles Place, 11 squares along… At 3:40, the Penguin is on Pennsylvania Railroad and rolls 9. He ends up on Atlantic Avenue, also 11 squares along!

  7. I’ve just started playing and I don’t get why I can’t build a house

  8. Owning 1 color set > Owning a lot of different ones

  9. I think that playing monopoly on screen with automatic dice rolls isn't fun a all …. because our "luck" depends on how the computer rolls our dices

  10. And btw, what are all those buildings for? just some decorations?

  11. How can i not buy a place? They force me to do so.

  12. Super jeu je trouves. Mais si j’ai un doute sur le lancer de dés

  13. If u want the app for free then reply and u can also play with me

  14. Is it the same game for the Nintendo switch that cost 40 usd?!

  15. How to build houses on your own property?

  16. Hey if you go to the main page on the top where it says your name click the pencil you can change your name to whatever you want 🙂

  17. I really miss this game. It is bring back nostalgia

  18. He could have make houses on his orange zones there before he recover his mortgaged property!!, He could've turn that as a landmine instead!

  19. This game can be shit sometimes, players just sell all their properties to other players for 1 monopoly money. I have seen it a couple of times,they sell their stuff for 1 MM or they give the other person all their money and make sure the other person wins, its like some players plan it with each other before they go online, there should be an option to report players like that or a chat box to curse the hell out of those type of players

  20. When you purchase this monopoly game there still VIP option needed to purchase if you want to?

    You purchase the game and pay for some extra content.

    That's dumb like game DLC in console but in this case it was monthly subscription.

  21. The app looks and feels great, except their dice are not random and use that for their lazy difficulty setting.

    It’s a hack job of a game. If the die isn’t fair, what’s the point?

  22. I went to play store to download it but every user disses the game and warns not to download…

    So thats why i watching it. It looks pretty simliar the original monopoly game. so is it still worth to install it?

  23. I would try to get one of every property first and then save up for it and offer max bid or buy cheapest property from the opponent. After that start building houses and hotels.. 90% win with this strategy.

  24. Heya I played this before and someone declined my trade and blocked me from trading with them. How do you do that?

  25. los de ios pueden jugar con los de android? alguien sabe?

  26. Please I’m new to this monopoly can someone tell me how to buy a house ?

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